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International Corporate Governance Vol: 18

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01 Oct 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
280 pages - 152 x 229 x 19mm
Advances in Financial Economics
Advances in Financial Economics, volume 18, will present research on corporate governance both in the US and globally. Papers will deal with the role played by boards of directors, internal organization design and governance mechanisms, franchise agreements, the effect of regulation and policy, the market for corporate control, and strategic alliances. The volume will aim at providing a deeper understanding of corporate governance practices, trends, innovations and challenges using international data.
Ownership Structure and Power: Evidence from US Corporations. Changes in Controlling Shareholders’ Holdings: Do they Entail Financial Tunneling?. Devolution of the Republican Model of Anglo-American Corporate Governance. Toward a Better Measure of Bank Corporate Governance. Corporate Political Connections and the IPO Process: The Benefits of Politically Connected Board Members and Managers. Internal Corporate Governance: The Role of Residual Income in Divisional Allocation of Funds. Ownership Matters: The Capital Structure of Private Firms. Investor Protections, Capital Markets, and Economic Growth: The African Experience. Copyright page. International Corporate Governance. List of Contributors. Advances in Financial Economics. International Corporate Governance.
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