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International Business Scholarship: AIB Fellows on the First 50 Years and Beyond Vol: 14

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20 Jun 2008
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
432 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Research in Global Strategic Management


The AIB Fellows Group includes top researchers, educators, and administrators in the IB field. Most of its 60 members have contributed to this edited volume as authors, co-authors and reviewers, including such noteworthy scholars as John Dunning, Alan Rugman and Yair Aharoni, among many others.Its chapters examine aspects of the growth of the field, evaluate our present state of knowledge and outline future lines of research. They cover the growth of several functional areas (marketing, advertising, finance, etc.), review problems of methodological rigor in IB research, trace the history and evolution of IB studies and their likely future trajectories, raise ethical and moral issues about IB practices and evaluate the impact of major theories on IB studies. A couple of chapters cover the history of international business and of the AIB Fellows Group. Altogether, this book provides a benchmark of where IB knowledge stands today and will grow in coming years.
International business and finance scholarship. Reassessing global marketing strategy. Internalization theory and its impact on the field of international business. The internationalization of multinationals. Obstacles to globalization: A research agenda. Rigor in international business research: A review and methodological recommendations. New directions in international-business research: A personal viewpoint. Global sourcing strategy and performance: A “fit” versus “balance” perspective. A historical examination of the evolution of international advertising standardization/adaptation thought. Creating insight: The imperative for research in international business. Simulation as virtual reality in international-business education. International-business scholarship: Contributing to a broader definition of success. Interorganizational cooperation and our manifest destiny: An evolutionary perspective. The development of international-management knowledge in the German-Speaking countries. The race between the forces leading to a first or last global civilization. Edited by. Edited by. Copyright page. List of Contributors. Preface. Introduction. History of the AIB fellows: 1975–2008. International business history: An AIB tradition. Author Index. Subject Index.

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