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International Best Practices in Health Care Management Vol: 17

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27 Feb 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
280 pages - 152 x 229 x 19mm
Advances in Health Care Management
Significant variations in the quality of health care management practices are present both within and across local, regional, and international health systems. With increasing globalization of health services, both quality and efficiency of care can benefit from shared learning on a regional and global basis. Although systems and quality of health care delivery differ across the world, empirical research has found that people involved in health care, whether in the role of patients or health care providers, have similar wants and needs. Identifying and documenting best practices within and across countries is more important than ever. Best practices in health care management organize clinical and administrative processes in ways that achieve leapfrog results as compared to normal standards in industry, potentially earning brand status. Advances in Health Care Management Volume 17 helps to shape emerging thinking about best practices in international health care management. The volume is divided into two sections: a set of commentaries from US and European scholars, and research articles that compare two or more health systems and focus on specific topics in health care delivery.
International Research in Health Care Management: Its Need in the 21st Century, Methodological Challenges, Ethical Issues, Pitfalls, and Practicalities. Defining World-Class Care in Academic Medicine: Enablers and Challenges. International “Best Practices” in Health Care: The Roles of Context and Innovation. The Link between Health Governance Models and Global Health Innovation: An Exploration of OECD Nations. Good Practices in Health Care “Management Experimentation Models”: Insights from an International Public–Private Partnership on Transplantation and Advanced Specialized Therapies. Rising Labor Costs, Earnings Management, and Financial Performance of Health Care Providers around the World. Best Practices to Promote Occupational Safety and Satisfaction: A Comparison of Three North American Hospitals. International Comparison of Preoperative Testing and Assessment Protocols and Best Practices to Reduce Surgical Care Costs: A Systematic Literature Review. Process Optimization in the Emergency Department by the Use of Point-of-Care-Testing (POCT) in Life-Threatening Conditions: Comparative Best Practice Examples from Germany and Malta. International Benchmarking and Best Practice Management: In Search of Health Care and Hospital Excellence. Editorial Advisory Board. International Best Practices in Health Care Management. List of Contributors. List of Reviewers. Advances in health care management. International Best Practices in Health Care Management. Preface. Concluding Remarks. Copyright page. Concluding Remarks.

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