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Institutions and Entrepreneurship Vol: 21

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25 Oct 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
392 pages - 156 x 234 x 34mm
Research in the Sociology of Work


In this volume, we examine how the institutional environment affects entrepreneurial organizations, and vice-versa. This includes not only how the institutional environment constrains both founding processes and the type of organizations founded, but also how institutional dynamics construct new entrepreneurial opportunities, empower and facilitate action, and how entrepreneurs manipulate the institutional environment to serve their own ends. This institutional approach to entrepreneurship shifts attention away from the personal traits and backgrounds of individual entrepreneurs, and towards how institutions shape entrepreneurial opportunities and actions; how entrepreneurs navigate their cognitive, normative, and regulatory environments; and, how actors modify and build institutions to support new types of organizations.
List of Contributors. Acknowledgments. About the volume Editors. Institutions and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs and professionals: The mediating role of institutions. Categorization by association: Nuclear technology and emission-free electricity. Networks as institutional support: law firm and venture capitalist relations and regional diversity in high-technology IPOs. Institutional rivalry and the entrepreneurial strategy of economic development: business incubator foundings in three states. The shape of things to come: Institutions, entrepreneurs, and the case of hedge funds. Rhetoric that wins clients: entrepreneurial firms use of institutional logics when competing for resources. Creating attention and favorability during the emergence of new industries: The case of film in America, 1894–1927. Entrepreneurship, institutional emergence, and organizational leadership: tuning in to “the next big thing” in satellite radio. Why effective entrepreneurial innovations sometimes fail to diffuse: Identity-based interpretations of appropriateness in the Saint-Émilion, Languedoc, Piedmont, and Golan Heights wine regions. Beam me up, Scott(ie)! institutional theorists’ struggles with the emergent nature of entrepreneurship. Research in the sociology of work. Research in the sociology of work. Copyright page.

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