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Institutional Theory in International Business Vol: 25

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04 Jun 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
500 pages - 156 x 234 x 43mm
Advances in International Management
Institutional theory has been used increasingly by international business and management researchers to explain the behavior and strategies of multinational enterprises. If early international business research was dominated by the application of transaction cost and neoclassical economics, reviews of recent publications and conference programs suggest that the past decade has been dominated by the application of institutional theory. The 2012 volume of the "Advances in International Management" series represents the collection of an eclectic mix of contemporary research by leading and emerging scholars working on institutional theory. The contributions present new theoretical frameworks of institutions and propose interesting ideas that will provide the foundation for doctoral dissertations and research projects.
List of Contributors. Editors’ Biographies. EDITORS’ INTRODUCTION. Introduction to Part I: Booz & Co./Strategy+ Business Eminent Scholar in International Management 2011. Multinational Corporations and Development: Friends or Foes?. The Impact of a Scholar's Career: More than Just the Usual Numbers for Jagdish Bhagwati. Under-Appreciated Externalities of Multinationals on Host Countries. Introduction to Part II: Institutional Theory in International Business and Management. An Extended View of Institutional Domains and Implications for the Multinational Enterprise. Towards a Theoretical Framework for Examining Societal-Level Institutional Change. Advantages of Foreignness: Benefits of Creative Institutional Deviance. The Liability of Home: Institutional Friction and Firm Disadvantage Abroad. Entry Mode and Institutional Learning: A Polycentric Perspective. Emerging-Market Multinational Corporations as Agents of Globalization: Conflicting Institutional Demands and the Isomorphism of Global Markets. Entry Mode Decisions by Emerging-Market Firms Investing in Developed Markets. Institutional Field for Outward Foreign Direct Investment: A Theoretical Extension?. Institutional Variance, Managerial Orientations and the Commercial Performance of Chinese Enterprises. Influence of Knowledge Resources on Exploratory and Exploitative International Strategic Alliances: Effects of the Institutional Environment. The Dynamic Societal Cultural Milieu of Organizations: Origins, Maintenance and Change. International Subsidiary Management and Environmental Constraints: The Case for Indigenization. Understanding Institutional Plurality in Multinational Enterprises: The Roles of Institutional Logic and Social Identification. Empirical Studies on Legitimation Strategies: A Case for International Business Research Extension. Authors’ Biographies. Institutional Theory in International Business and Management. Advances in international Management. Advances in international Management. Copyright page.

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