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Institutional Logics in Action Vol: 39, Part A

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09 Jul 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
327 pages - 156 x 234 x 33mm
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
The Institutional Logics Perspective is one of the fastest growing new theoretical areas in organization studies (Thornton, Ocasio & Lounsbury, 2012). Building on early efforts by Friedland & Alford (1991) to "bring society back in" to the study of organizational dynamics, this new scholarly domain has revived institutional analysis by embracing a focus on the dynamic and heterogeneous nature of institutions. In doing so, it has embraced a more practice-centered approach to agency that emphasizes situated interactions, the importance of history, the role of both symbolic and material elements, and the study of cross-level processes and mechanisms. This two volume set, seeded by an ABC Network conference held in Banff, Alberta, CANADA in June 2012, provides a fresh set of papers by scholars at the cutting edge of research on institutional logics. As a whole, the papers provide many novel theoretical insights about institutional logics in action - focusing on their dynamics, complexity, and evolving relationship to actors as actors actively navigate their social worlds.
List of Contributors. Advisory Board. Institutional Logics in Action. God, Love, and Other Good Reasons for Practice: Thinking Through Institutional Logics. The Immateriality of Material Practices in Institutional Logics. Institutional Logics and Institutional Work: Should They Be Agreed?. A Tale of Two Countries: How Different Constellations of Logics Impact Action. Processes for Retrenching Logics: The Alberta Oil Sands Case, 2008–2011. Institutional Logics as Strategic Resources. From Agents to Principles: The Changing Relationship between Hospitalist Identity and Logics of Health care. Legacies of Logics: Sources of Community Variation in CSR Implementation in China. Lost in Transposition? (A Cautionary Tale): The Bank of North Dakota and Prospects for Reform in American Banking. Institutional Logics in Action, Part A. Research in the sociology of organizations. Research in the sociology of organizations. Copyright page. Embedded in Hybrid Contexts: How Individuals in Organizations Respond to Competing Institutional Logics. Institutional Ambidexterity: Leveraging Institutional Complexity in Practice. Beyond the Family Firm: Reasserting the Influence of the Family Institutional Logic Across Organizations. Putting New Wine in Old Bottles: Utilizing Rhetorical History to Overcome Stigma Associated with a Previously Dominant Logic. Imageries of Corporate Social Responsibility: Visual Recontextualization and Field-Level Meaning. Logic Pluralism, Organizational Design, and Practice Adoption: The Structural Embeddedness of CSR Programs. Strange Brew: Bridging Logics Via Institutional Bricolage and the Reconstitution of Organizational Identity. Instantiation of Institutional Logics: The “Business Case” for Diversity and the Prevalence of Diversity Mentoring Practices. The Internal Complexity of Market Logics: Financial Sophistication and Price Determination. Taking Stock of Institutional Complexity: Anchoring A Pool of Institutional Logics into the Interinstitutional System with a Descendent Hierarchical Analysis. From Cultural Repertoires to Institutional Logics: A Content-Analytic Method. Institutional Logics in Action, Part B. Research in the sociology of organizations. Research in the sociology of organizations. Copyright page. List of Contributors. Advisory Board.

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