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Institutional Approach to Global Corporate Governance: Business Systems and Beyond Vol: 9

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01 Nov 2008
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
536 pages - 152 x 229 x 43mm
International Finance Review


This edited volume contains original papers examining issues concerning the effects of national and international institutional factors on corporate governance and performance. This volume stresses the relevance of national business systems (including culture, law and politics) alongside industrial and institutional infrastructure to assess the efficacy of corporate governance regimes. Modern governance research redefines the boundaries of the firm to include a wider group of stakeholders beyond stockholders. Newer research indicates that national context is the over-riding element in understanding corporate governance regulation and outcome. In the Anglo-Saxon world, corporate governance is designed to reduce the conflict of interest that exists between owners and managers occasioned by the separation of ownership and control. The divergence in national business systems has led scholars to question whether the rush to adopt US-style regulation internationally is appropriate. The papers in this volume highlight aspects of institutional context in different countries, ranging from traditional corporate governance mechanisms at the firm level, to issues affecting the country level quality of corporate governance, including culture and the role of elites.
Probing corporate governance globally: Impacts of business systems and beyond. How “attractive” is good governance for FDI?. How do Japanese banks discipline small- and medium-sized borrowers? An investigation of the deployment of lending technologies. Business–society reciprocity as a guideline for global corporate governance. Expanding the limits of corporate responsibility: An institutional approach. The theory and practice of government de-regulation. Corporate governance mechanisms and performance related CEO turnover. Size and advisory role of corporate boards. Financial contracts for CEO. Corporate governance and interlisted stocks: the persistence of country-specific traits. The information content of ticker symbol change: Evidence from multiple class shares. The dual roles of Japanese main banks: Contrast before and after the bubble-bursting. Legal rights matter: evidence from panel data on creditor protection and debt. Derivative claims, the UK companies act 2006 and corporate governance: A roadmap to nowhere?. Corporate governance and ultimate control. Scorecard on corporate governance in East Asia: A comparative study. The nature of political connections and firm value. An end of history for corporate governance? The resilience of culture. List of Contributors. Institutional Approach To Global Corporate Governance: Business Systems and Beyond. International finance review. Copyright page.

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