Inside Knowledge: How Women Can Thrive in Professional Service Firms

Alison Temperley
ATD Partners, UK

Product Details
10 Oct 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
256 pages - 138 x 216mm


Inside Knowledge provides practical guidance for women working in professional service firms who aspire to achieve their full potential in what have traditionally been male working environments. It explores what women can do to achieve careers in professional service firms commensurate with their knowledge, skills, experience and talent.
The book draws on the knowledge accumulated during the author’s thirty years of experience working in and for such firms, supplemented by what she has learned from her work with hundreds of professional women and men that she has coached in accountancy, law and consulting firms as well as in award-winning women’s leadership programmes.
The practical exercises that appear within the book have been extensively tested and finely honed over time and are designed to build on one another, thereby allowing readers to manage their careers efficiently and effectively. They help the reader to articulate what she wants from her career and what she can offer a professional service firm, ensuring that others understand her ambitions, hopes and dreams as well as her knowledge, skills and expertise. The exercises build to provide guidance for managing office politics, developing business and ultimately obtaining the desired results from appraisals and promotion opportunities.
Preface — Why You Need This Book
1. An Analysis of the Uneven Playing Field 
2. Why Should You Focus on Your Career Now? A Call to Be Conscious because You Are Important
3. Working to Get the Most Out of Your Time and Your Brain — Your Key Tools for Success
4. What Do You Offer Your Firm?
5. Are You Ambitious? If So What Are You Ambitious for?
6. Where Are You Starting from? Getting Feedback
7. Taking Stock
8. Impression Management — What Do You Do and How Do You Talk about It?
9. Politics — How Do You Get Involved?
10. Stepping Forward
11. Who Knows What You Do — Effective and Efficient Networking
12. Sponsorship: The Sharp End of Your Developmental Network
13. Role Models
14. Finding Your Equilibrium
15. Being Commercial
16. Developing Your Business
17. Making the Most of Your Appraisals
18. Preparing for Promotion Processes
Appendix: Questions from Promotion Panels
Wider Resources
About the Author
Alison Temperley leads the design, delivery and coaching of global women’s leadership programmes for Linklaters and Allen & Overy, and co-leads the global programme for Bird & Bird. She was also the coaching designer and joint programme director for the EY EMEIA women’s leadership programme for 8 years, working with Cranfield University.
Alison has worked both for and with professional service firms for over 30 years. A qualified Chartered Accountant, with a master’s degree in Organisational Psychodynamics, she combines practical business experience with an understanding of the driving forces that shape the careers of those who work for partnerships. Her business experience ranges from senior client-facing roles to the Head of Career Development for PwC’s EMEA tax and legal practice.

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