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Innovative Pathways for University Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century Vol: 24

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23 May 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229 x 25mm
Advances in the Study of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Economic Growth


The complex global environment for entrepreneurship and innovation has experienced significant change during the past decade requiring a deeper understanding of economic, capital, technological, environmental, and social forces in order for this generation to realize sustained success. University based entrepreneurship is at the nexus of this environment. Students of entrepreneurship and the faculty that are educating the innovation workforce are uniquely positioned as agents in the movement of discovery and innovation. This volume seeks to demonstrate how the entrepreneurship field looks to reshape and prepare tomorrow's highly sophisticated entrepreneurial generations. ASEIEG is a product of organized university-based entrepreneurship programs through the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC). The GCEC stands as the premier leadership organization addressing the emerging topics of importance to the world's university-based centers for entrepreneurship. GCEC has become the principal vehicle by which the top and emerging centers can work together to share information with one another in advancing and strengthening the contributions and impact of individual centers.
Exploring the Concept of an Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystem. Building University 21st Century Entrepreneurship Programs that Empower and Transform. Addressing the Challenges of Future Entrepreneurship Education: An Assessment of Textbooks for Teaching Entrepreneurship. Do University Entrepreneurship Programs Influence Students’ Entrepreneurial Behavior? An Empirical Analysis of University Students in Singapore. The Internal Pathways that Condition University Entrepreneurship in Latin America: An Institutional Approach. Discerning Opportunity Types: Implications for Entrepreneurial Action and Entrepreneurship Education. Innovating University-Based Entrepreneurship in Order to Inform Innovation for the 21st Century. Entrepreneurship Education in Practice: The Development of a Hybrid Training Model in an Urban Environment. Extending the Legacy of the Land Grant Institution as a Social Innovation: A New Vision for University Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship. University-Wide Entrepreneurship Education. Copyright page. Innovative Pathways for University Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century. Introduction. List of Contributors. Advances in the study of entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth. Innovative Pathways for University Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century.

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