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Information Systems in Logistics and Transportation

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15 May 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
348 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm


Rapid developments in information technology have many implications for the organisation and management of transport and logistics. Information technology has transcended the borders of the individual firm. Management control and decision making throughout the supply chain has therefore become an important focus of attention for management and for academia. Information systems are needed which can support that control and decision making. The 20 specially commissioned chapters presented here study applications of information systems to logistics and transportation systems. Divided into two complementary sections, "Research Directions" and "Perspectives from Practice", this original and current work will be of value both to researchers and to practitioners at the interface of these dynamic and growing fields.
Foreward. Editorial. Introduction to information systems in logistics and transportation (B. Tilanus). Research Directions. Managing sustainable mobility: a conceptual framework (L. Sjostedt). Information technology and distribution strategy (A. Dubois, L-E. Gadde). Interoganizational logistics flexibility in marketing channels (A. Jensen). Quantifying transport quality in line-based road traffic (J. Hellgren, K. Lumsden). Reliability in supply-chains and the use of information technology: a geographical view (A. Larsson). A framework efficiency model for goods transportation: with an application to regional breakbulk distribution (A. Samuelsson, B. Tilanus). Information flows along integrated transport chains (J. Woxenius). Information as a value adder for the transport user (R. Polewa et al.). Information flows in logistics channels (T. Kanflo). Using DEA for decision support at combined transport terminals (S. Sjogren). Principles for the choice between routine maintenance and premaintenance in a network of public roads (G. Bergendahl et al.). Infrastructure integration and urban restructuring: a case for planning with a geographic information system (A. Forsstrom). Perspectives from Practice. Transport and logistic systems from Volvo's view (R. Svensson). SKF's European transport network: a case study (H. Lindeberg). Advanced logistics in Europe: the case of BTL group (B. Irestahl, T. Kanflo). Channel concept in a consolidation network (O. Hultkrantz et al.). Tracking and tracing at an international haulier: where are we now, and where do our customers want us to go? (G. Hoek, K. Hogberg). Harbour operations in a roll-on-roll-off service industry (C.-J. Lonntorp). Fully automatic scheduling methods (D. Wedelin). Optimisation of a generic multi-node transportation and information network (S. Andersson et al.). About the authors. Index of Keywords.

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