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Individual sources, Dynamics and Expressions of Emotions Vol: 9

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09 Aug 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
400 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
Research on Emotion in Organizations
Research on Emotion in Organizations is the publication of the Emonet listserv http://www.emotionsnet.org, which hosts the biennial International Conference on Emotion and Worklife. Chapters in the series include a selection of peer-reviewed papers from the conference, together with invited chapters by leading scholars in the field of emotion in organizational settings.
List of Contributors. About the Editors. Individual Sources, Dynamics, and Expressions of Emotion. Root Causes of Positive Emotion at Work. Emotional Regulation and Ideation. Sympathy and Anger: The Role of Attributions in Emotional Responses to Abusive Supervision. Putting the Emotion Back: Exploring the Role of Emotion in Disengagement. The Arm Model to Develop Emotion-Related Abilities (Ability EI). A Theoretical Examination of Mixed Group Mood: The Construct and its Performance Consequences. Pictures of Facial Affect-Ulm (PFA-U): A New Facs-Based set of Pictures for Basic Emotions. Service Employees’ Trait Authenticity and Customer Satisfaction. Emotional Labour and its Consequences: The Moderating Effect of Emotional Intelligence. Lagged Influences of Customer Mistreatment on Employee Mood: Moderating Roles of Maladaptive Emotion Regulation Strategies. Brief Emotional Vocal Expressions: Proxies for Decision Making in Emergency Calls?. “My Boss is Probably the Devil!” Exploring Employees’ Online Vents. Affective Displays in E-Mail Communication: Evidence from the Lab and the Field. @ The Emotional Verge: When Enough is Enough in Email Conversations. Appendix: Conference Reviewers. Individual Sources, Dynamics, and Expressions of Emotion. Research on emotion in organizations. Individual Sources, Dynamics, and Expressions of Emotion. Copyright page.

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