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Inclusive Pedagogy Across the Curriculum Vol: 7

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02 Dec 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229 x 20mm
International Perspectives on Inclusive Education
This volume focuses on an inclusive pedagogical approach for enhancing teaching and learning in key areas of curriculum including: literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, and the arts. In the introductory chapters, the concept of inclusive pedagogy is framed in relation to the actions of teachers in providing quality teaching and learning experiences for everyone in inclusive classrooms. Unlike much of what has previously occurred in inclusive practice the approach does not differentiate by providing alternative teaching and learning for students who are different. Focusing on what is to be learned in a particular subject area, the intention is to avoid the issues associated with defining some learners as different.
Conceptualising Inclusive Pedagogy: The Inclusive Pedagogical Approach in Action. Copyright page. Inclusive Pedagogy Across the Curriculum. List of Contributors. International Perspectives on Inclusive Education. Inclusive Pedagogy Across the Curriculum. Strengthening Literacy and Numeracy in Early Childhood. Literacy Learning: Designing and Enacting Inclusive Pedagogical Practices in Classrooms. Teaching and Learning for All. Effective and Inclusive Mathematics Teaching and Learning. The Role of Values in Teaching and Learning Science. Inclusive Pedagogy in Physical Education. Enhancing Inclusion in Geography Classrooms. Music: Naturally Inclusive, Potentially Exclusive?. Using Inclusive Pedagogy in Visual Arts: Engagement with ‘The Masters’. Tablets, Tweets and Talking Text: The Role of Technology in Inclusive Pedagogy. Cross-Curriculum Design: Enacting Inclusive Pedagogy and Curriculum. Teaching for Quality Learning: A Focus on Inclusive Pedagogy. About the Authors. Meaning-Making, Language Learning and Language Using: An Integrated Approach.

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