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Immigration, Citizenship and the Welfare State in Germany and the United States (Part A & B) Vol: 14

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16 Oct 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 150 x 230 x 20mm
Industrial Development and the Social Fabric


This Book Set consists of: *9780762305230 - Immigrant Incorporation (Part A) *9780762305247 - Welfare Policies and Immigrants' Citizenship (Part B) An analysis of immigration, citizenship and the Welfare State in Germany and the United States. It addresses: immigrant incorporation; incorporation into education and school; labour market integration and attainment; and the allocation of fiscal benefits and contributions.
Part A: Part 1 Immigrant incorporation: introduction, Hermann Kurthen et al. Part 2 Incorporation into education and school: mass migration, dependency and poverty in the United States, William Clark and Freya Schultz; education as a keystone of integration of immigrants - determinants of school attainment of immigrant children in West Germany, Gert G. Wagner et al; the school-to-work transitions of native immigrant high school graduates without post-secondary degrees in the United States, Denise D. Quigley. Part 3 Labour market integration and attainment: the labour market status of immigrants - a synthesis, Barry R. Chiswick and Michael E. Hurst; migrants in the German labour market - nationality and gender-specific labour market opportunities, Stefan Bender and Wolfgang Seifert; vocational training and the quality of immigrant jobs in Germany, Marc Szydlik. Part 4 Allocation of fiscal benefits and contributions: welfare reform and supplemental security income receipt among immigrants in the United States, Jennifer V.W. Van Hook and Frank D. Bean; the integration of immigrants into West German society - the impact of social assistance, Wolfgang Voges et al; fiscal impacts of immigration on the American and German welfare state, Hermann Kurthen; concluding remarks - the German and American model of immigrant incorporation, Hermann Kurthen et al. Part B: Part 1 Welfare policies and immigrants' citizenship: introduction, Hermann Kurthen et al. Part 2 Immigration policy and welfare reform at the crossroads: power, perceptions and the politics of immigration and welfare, Nora V. Demleitner; antecedents and consequences of tightening welfare eligibility for US migrants, Thomas J. Espenshade and Gregory A. Huber; the stranger among us - societal perceptions, pressures and policy, Vincent N. Parrillo; immigrant, markets and rights, James F. Hollifield and Gary Zuk. Part 3 Citizenship and immigrant incorporation: contexts of immigrant incorporation - locating dimensions of opportunities and constraints in the United States and Germany, Barbara Schmitter-Heisler; volk nation or nation of immigrants? the current debate about immigration in the United States and Germany in comparative perspective, Herbert Dittgen; membership without politics? the social and political rights of foreigners in Germany, Gregg O. Kvistad; incorporating immigrants and expanding citizenship, Jurgen Fijalkowski; concluding remarks - challenges of immigration policy and welfare reform in comparative perspective, Hermann Kurthen et al.

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