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Immigration, Citizenship and the Welfare State in Germany and the United States: Welfare Policies and Immigrants' Citizenship Vol: 14, Part B

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23 Sep 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
216 pages - 146 x 222 x 30mm
Industrial Development and the Social Fabric


Industrial Development and the Social Fabric
Acknowledgments. Introduction (H. Kurthen et al.). Immigration Policy and Welfare Reform at the Crossroads. Power, perceptions, and the politics of immigration and welfare (N.V. Demleitner). Antecedents and consequences of tightening welfare eligibility for U.S. immigrants (T.J. Espenshade, G.A. Huber). The strangers among us: social perceptions, pressures, and policy (V.N. Parrillo). Immigrants, markets, and rights (J.F. Hollifield, G. Zuk). Citizenship and Immigrant Incorporation. Contexts of immigrant incorporation: locating dimensions of opportunities and constraints in the United States and Germany (B. Schmitter-Heisler). Volk nation or nation of immigrants? The current debate about immigration in the United States and Germany in comparative perspective (H. Dittgen). Membership without politics? The social and political rights of foreigners in Germany (G.O. Kvistad). Incorporating immigrants and expanding citizenship (J. Fijalkowski). Concluding remarks: challenges of immigration policy and welfare reform in comparative perspective (H. Kurthen et al.). About the contributors. Index.

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