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Immigration and Work Vol: 27

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01 Apr 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
344 pages - 152 x 229 x 30mm
Research in the Sociology of Work
Immigrants and their descendants are growing populations that are rapidly changing the racial/ethnic diversity of the United States and many societies across the globe. People migrate for a multitude of reasons but work whether in the high-skilled, low-wage, or informal sectors of the economy or the drive to establish a businesses, is the primary impetus. The goal of this volume is to bring together new empirical research and theoretical innovations from cutting-edge scholarship concentrating on the intersection of immigration and work. Research in this volume investigates how larger structural inequalities in sending and receiving nations, immigrant entry policies, group characteristics, and micro level processes, such as discrimination and access to ethnic networks, shapes labor market outcomes, workplace experiences, and patterns of integration among immigrants and their descendants.
Copyright page. Immigration and Work. Introduction. List of Contributors. Research in the sociology of work. Immigration and Work. Central American Immigrant Workers: How Legal Status Shapes the Labor Market Experience. Between Support and Shame: The Impacts of Workplace Violations for Immigrant Families. Intersectional Differences in Segmented Assimilation: Skill and Gender in the Context of Reception. Economic Progress, Stagnation, or Decline? Occupational Mobility of Non-Eu Immigrants in Europe. Labor Union Activity and the Civic Participation of Latino Immigrant Workers. Embedded Solidarity: International Migrant Labor Advocacy in South Korea. About the Authors. Transnational Entrepreneurship and Immigrant Integration: New Chinese Immigrants in Singapore and the United States. Adaptation and Return among Israeli Enclave and Infotech Entrepreneurs. Franchising Ethnic Entrepreneurship: Immigrant Business Owners and an Alternative Economic Model. A New Gendered Occupational Niche: Latina Pathways into the Teaching Profession. Bridging Boundaries of Difference: Intergroup Contact between Immigrants and Natives in the Context of Work.

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