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Identifying Leaders for Urban Charter, Autonomous and Independent Schools: Above and Beyond the Standards Vol: 18

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15 Feb 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
250 pages - 152 x 229 x 24mm
Advances in Educational Administration


A critical challenge for urban charter/autonomous/independent schools is finding educational leaders with the courage to lead with authenticity; integrity and ingenuity using standards based practices to effect transformational change within schools. Two decades after the first charter school opened, leaders still continue to face a range of challenges that traditional public school leaders do not face. Without the type of district support that traditional public school leaders benefit from, charter/autonomous leaders must be able to prepare themselves by tapping into alternative resources quickly and efficiently. This book begins by cultivating the balance of self, both personal and professional, that will guide leaders to manage the operational and educational demands of leading a charter/autonomous school. With a didactic approach identifying skills and capacities needed above and beyond the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards (ISLLC), this book will give administrators the requisite skills and necessary tools to effectively manage the complexities of leadership in urban charter/autonomous schools.
List of Contributors. Preface: Our Rather Circuitous Journey. Introduction: YouthBuild Charter School of California (YCSC): Building an Innovative School Model from the Ground Up. The New Reality for Charter and Autonomous School Leaders. Dancing with Data: Purposeful Decision-Making for Charter Leaders. Charter Schools: Potential to Fulfill the Goals of Public Education in an Equitable Manner and Better Serve Purposes of Social Justice. Teacher Agency in Charter Settings. Curriculum and Instruction: A Recipe for Improved Student Outcomes. Operations and Finance: Keeping a Pulse on the Backbone of your Organization. Building a Culture of Collaboration in Charter and Autonomous School Settings: Alignment Between Purpose, Problems, People, and Potential. Educational Leaders and Ethical Decision Making in Urban Charter Schools. Instructional Leadership Regarding Law and Politics. Easing the Tension: Considerations for Aligning Charter Law with Federal Regulations for Students with Special Needs. Charter Schools Best Practices. Appendix: ISLLC Standards. Conclusion: So, what's Next?. Author Index. About the Authors. Identifying Leaders for Urban Charter, Autonomous and Independent Schools: Above and Beyond the Standards. Advances in Educational Administration. Advances in Educational Administration. Copyright page. Dedications. Acknowledgments. Subject Index. Foreword.

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