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Identification and Assessment Vol: 16

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02 Jul 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
256 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities


Identification and assessment of learning and behavioural disabilities have long been issues of great concern, and have become increasingly important in recent years. Identification and assessment issues determine how students are characterized as having disabilities, provide implications for treatment, and provide evidence for the success or failure of interventions. In this volume, several topics of relevance to the issue of identification and assessment of learning and behavioural disabilities are discussed by leading scholars, in reviews of recent relevant research, policy analyses, and new investigations with original data. This book is intended for interested professionals and practitioners; researchers in learning and behavioural disabilities; and graduate students in psychology, education, and special education.
Issues in the identification of learning disabilities, T.E. Scruggs, M.A. Mastropieri; starting at the beginning for learning disabilities identification - response to instruction, D.L. Speece et al; identification of nonresponders - are the children "left behind" by early literacy intervention the "truly" reading disabled?, S. Al Otaiba; the role of reading intervention research in the identification of children with reading difficulties - a meta-analysis of the literature funded by the NICHD, D.M. Necoechea, H. Lee Swanson; current advances in assessment and intervention for children with learning disabilities, J.A. Naglieri; individuals with mental retardation and a sensorimotor disorder - assessment of disability, G. Balboni, P. Ceccarani; does IQ and reading level influence treatment outcomes? Implications for the definition of learning disabilities, H. Lee Swanson; test anxiety, perceived competence, and academic achievement in secondary school students, D. Lucangeli, T.E. Scruggs; the assessment of self-regulation in college students with and without academic difficulties, C. Cornoldi et al.

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