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Human Resource Management Handbook (3 Vol Set)

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Multiple copy pack
18 Apr 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
902 pages - 150 x 230 x 19mm
This handbook contains up-to-date knowledge in critical areas of human resource management, including employee financial and nonfinancial participation in the enterprise, employer flexibility, unions, collective bargaining and workplace dispute resolution, the human resource function, and the changing industrial environment. Leading scholars in the field are the authors of the book's 27 chapters, which is intended for use by both academics and practitioners. A key focus of the book is the extent to which human resource practices, such as team-based work, variable pay arrangements and employment flexibility, contribute to business performance.
Volume 1: introduction - separating ideas and bubbles in human resource management, David Lewin et al. 
Part 1 Employee participation - non-financial: team production, David I. Levine; voluntary and involuntary aspects of employee participation in decision making, Adrienne E. Eaton et al; employee communications - an overview, Morris M. Kleiner and Tzu-Shian Han. 
Part 2 Employee participation - financial: employee ownership, employee attitudes and firm performance - a review of the evidence, Douglas L. Kruse and Joseph R. Blasi; profit sharing and gainsharing - a review of theory, incidence and effects, Derek C. Jones et al; incentive systems - theory and evidence, Beth J. Asch and John T. Warner; macro- and microeconomic consequences of wage rigidity, Erica L. Groshen and Mark E. Schweitzer. 
Volume 2
Part 1 Employer flexibility: coming to terms with the rise of the contingent workforce, Richard S. Belous; external and internal labour market flexibility - an international comparison, Susan N. Houseman; work reorganization and flexibility in job design, Eileen Appelbaum and Peter Berg. 
Part 2 Unions and collective bargaining: collective bargaining and strike activity, Daniel G. Gallagher and Cynthia L. Gramm; third party disputed resolution - interest disputes, Victor G. Devinatz and John W. Budd; the twilight of old unionism, Leo Troy; models of union behaviour, John T. Addison and John B. Chilton. 
Part 3 Workplace dispute resolution: workplace dispute resolution, David Lewin; third party dispute resolution - rights disputes, Trevor Bain; exit, voice and loyalty in employment relationships, Brian Bemmels. 
Volume 3
Part 1 Staffing and reward: selection and job matching, Cheri Ostroff and Teresa J. Rothausen; the economics of training, Orley Ashenfelter and Robert LaLonde; the assessment of job performance - focusing attention on context, process and group issues, Robert L. Heneman and Courtney Von Hippel; pay and reward for performance, John A. Fossum and Brian McCall; non-wage compensation, Ranae Broderick and Barry Gerhart; gender gaps in benefits coverage, Janet Currie. 
Part 2 The changing external environment: regulation of the harm function, Barbara A. Lee and Donna Sockell; changing marked economies and human resource management, Calvin D. Siebert and Mahmood A. Zaidi; the macro side of human resource management, Christopher L. Erickson et al. 
Conclusion: human resource management - key themes and integration, David Lewin et al.

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