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Human Factors for Highway Engineers

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06 Feb 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
342 pages - 165 x 240 x 21mm


Humans are highly mobile but at a price: over a million people are killed annually on the road, at least 30 times as many are injured, of whom one in ten may be permanently disabled. How can we design a road or highway or transport system so as to provide both a high level of mobility and a high level of safety? For too long, from the perspective of the road user, highway engineers have had to employ their intuitions, personal experiences, shared "know-how" and a "suck-it-and-see" approach in many elements of highway design. Now the science of human behaviour can provide both fundamental knowledge and principles to enable matching roadway and transport system design to human strengths, limitations and variability in performance; an understanding of human contributory factors in accidents; and the undertaking of informed safety audits and reviews. This book aims to help you ask the right questions about the issues raised.
The System - Road and Road User: Psychology and the highway engineer, R. Fuller, J.A. Santos; Multiple perspectives, O. Carsten; Ergonomics of driver's interface with the road environment: the contribution of psychological research, F. Saad; Learning and the road user, R. Fuller; A study of subjective road categorization and driving behaviour, N. Kaptein et al. The Driver From A Psychological Perspective: Human factors and driving, R. Fuller; Visual factors in driving, D.R. Mestre; Perception of road users' motion, J.A. Santos et al; Sampling information from the road environment, J. Theeuwes; Some insights on how to work with human error in traffic behaviour, E.J. Carbonell, B. Martinn-del-Rio; Mental workload, D. de Waard; Learning and driving - an incomplete but continuing story, J.A. Groeger; Behavioural adaptation and drivers' task control, H. Summala; Social psychological principles - "the group inside the person", M. O'Connell. Special Categories of Road User: Young pedestrians and young cyclists, H.H. van der Molen; The psychology of the young driver, R. Fuller; Road users who are elderly - drivers and pedestrians, A. Simes, C. Marin-Lamellet. Advanced Transport Technology: A note on advanced transport technology, R. Fuller, J.A. Santos.

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