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Higher Education Research: Its Relationship to Policy and Practice Vol: 15

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07 Feb 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
220 pages - 156 x 234 x 12mm
Issues in Higher Education


"Higher Education Research" provides readers with an authoritative, up-to-date overview of the current state of higher education research and its relationship to policy and practice. The internationally acclaimed team of authors examine the impact of current policy and practice on the research agenda, the dissemination of research findings and how researchers are perceived and utilised by practitioners. Addressing higher education research across the globe, this major book underlines the divide that exists between academically based research and research which is aligned on policy and practice. Drawing upon recent developments in higher education research in Australia, Canada, Japan and Latin America, this volume provides a unique comparative perspective on the current state of higher education research.
Part 1: Introduction. The relationships between higher education research and higher education policy and practice: the researcher's perspective (U. Teichler). Part 2: Major Issues in Comparative Perspective. Research, policy and practice: assessing their actual and potential linkages (E. El-Khawas). Higher education research, policy and practice: contexts, conflicts and the new horizon (Motohisa Kaneko). Higher education research: the hourglass structure and its implications (P.A.M. Maassen). Part 3: Experiences from Individual Countries and Regions. Higher education research and policy in Canada (G.A. Jones). Higher education policy research in Australia (M. Hayden). Recent developments of higher education research and higher education policy in Japan (Akira Arimoto). Latin America: higher education research in a transformation context (C. Garcia-Guadilla). Part 4: A Synthesis. Higher education research in the light of a dialogue between policy makers and practitioners (P. Scott). Annex 1. Higher education and the World Bank: from policy to practice. Annex 2. Academic social science research and policy-making in Chile (R. Urza).Annex 3. Select Bibliography on higher education research and policy-making.

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