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Higher Education and Working Life: Collaborations, Confrontations and Challenges

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12 Jun 2006
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
296 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Advances in Learning and Instruction Series


This book provides a comprehensive discussion of the relationship between higher education and working life from three different perspectives: society, higher education and the world of work. The purpose of the volume is twofold: first, to critically analyse the relationship between higher education and working life, and second, to offer material that helps university teachers develop their teaching in a way that their students will be better prepared for challenges of the continuously changing world. The chapters discuss the interplay between education and work both from the societal point of view and from the pedagogical perspective. The book is divided in three sections. The first section is concerned with higher education as a part of society, giving a broader context for more pedagogically oriented chapters. Section two focuses on transition from higher education to work and the interaction of work and learning in higher education. The third section focuses on changing workplace environments and the role of universities in promoting work based learning. Practical examples of work-related project learning and other practice oriented teaching and learning methods are examined. Also, e-learning solutions carried out through industry-university collaboration are presented. It, thus, examines relationship between higher education and working life from multiple perspectives; and aims to help teachers better prepare students for the working world, using practical examples to clarify points raised in chapters.
INTRODUCTION: CHANGING WORLD, CHANGING HIGHER EDUCATION Jussi Valimaa, Paivi Tynjala and Gillian Boulton-Lewis PART I: HIGHER EDUCATION AS A PART OF SOCIETY Mode 3, academic capitalism in the new economy: Making higher education work for whom? Gary Rhoades and Sheila Slaughter Analysing the relationship between higher education institutions and working life in a Nordic context Jussi Valimaa PART II: FROM HIGHER EDUCATION TO WORKING LIFE AND VICE VERSA Bringing industry and academia closer together: The introduction of the Foundation Degree in the UK Barbara Zamorski From university to working life: Graduates workplace skills in practice Paivi Tynjala, Virpi Slotte, Juha Nieminen, Kirsti Lonka and Erkki Olkinuora Polytechnic graduates working-life skills and expertise Marja-Leena Stenstrom A typology of the knowledge demonstrated by beginning professionals Cathrine Le Maistre and Anthony Pare Employment and part-time higher education: Socio-economic and pedagogical perspectives in increasing participation Alison Fuller Distributed mentoring in communities of practice Anthony Pare and Cathrine Le Maistre PART III: WORK-BASED LEARNING AND HIGHER EDUCATION Changing workplace environments, conceptions and patterns of learning: Implications for university teaching Gillian Boulton-Lewis, Hitendra Pillay and Lynn Wilss The two-fold role of epistemological beliefs in higher education: A review of research about innovation in universities Jasmina Hasanbegovic, Hans Gruber, Monika Rehrl and Johannes Bauer Practice-oriented methods in teaching and learning in higher education: Theory and empirical evidence Jorg Markowitsch and Karin Messerer Work-related project as a learning environment Laura Helle, Paivi Tynjala and Pirkko Vesterinen Learning in project-based extension training? Laura Helle, Tiina Tuominen and Erkki Olkinuora Employability: Approaches to developing student career awareness and reflective practice in undergraduate business studies Bill Johnston and Aileen Watson Online learning-through-work leading to university degrees: a case study John Stephenson and Judy Saxton

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