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Henry George's Writings on the United Kingdom Vol: 20

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30 Jan 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
328 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology


Henry George's political economy has been hailed as one of the great contributions of American social criticism. His writings have, however, invited interpretation in contradictory fashion. Commentaries have used him to uphold laissez-faire social Darwinism allowing for the aggrandizement of money. Some on the left have regarded his ideology as calling for a co-operative commonwealth well beyond the intentions of the single-tax mechanism. And there are those who see him as having, in effect, written a new Declaration of Independence as powerful as that of 1776. Bringing to light his previously unavailable British writings would clear up some misunderstandings and also present the man and his ideas in a fresher historical context.
Preface (K.C. Wenzer). From the visionary Utopia of Thomas More to the cooperative commonwealth of Henry George (K.C. Wenzer). Part 1. Ireland Two articles from the Irish Times: 1881. Travels in the West of Ireland: 1882. England and Ireland: An American View: 1882. Lecture by Henry George. The Irish land question: 1882. George and the Irish Times: 1882. Interview on Irish nationalist politics: 1882. The great question: 1883. An article from the Irish Times: 1884. The Irish question from an American standpoint: 1886. From the Irish Times:1889. In Belfast: Henry George's meeting in Ulster hall: 1889. Notes. Part 2. Scotland. Land and People: 1881. Scotland and Scotsmen: 1884. Mr. Chamberlain translated into plain English: 1885. Henry George of Scotland: 1889. Address of welcome to Mr. Henry George from the Dundee and district united trades' council (the standard):1889. Henry George preaches in Dundee: 1889 Address by Henry George in the city hall, Glasgow on August 20, 1890. Notes. Part 3. England. Progress and poverty: An editorial: 1882 (London Times). Mr. Henry George on the progress of his principles: (Pall Mall Gazette): 1884. The morning papers: Epitome of opinion; George the Fifth's utopia (pall Mall Gazette): 1884. Mr. Henry George at Oxford: Disorderly meeting: 1884. Mr. George at Oxford: (Pall Mall Gazette): 1884. A snippet from the Pall Mall Gazette: 1885.Henry George in England: A plan of his single tax campaign to help the Irish: 1889. Henry George in England: The English campaign (The Standard): 1889. Henry George in England: The single tax campaign. There attracting great attention (The Standard): 1889. What the newspapers say. Interview with Henry George: 1889. What the papers in Great Britain say (The Standard): 1889. Henry George in Manchester: 1889. George in England: 1889. A wonderful impression on the Britishers: 1889.

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