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Handbook of Transport Systems and Traffic Control Vol: 3

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02 Oct 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
628 pages - 165 x 240 x 36mm
Handbooks in Transport


This book discusses transport systems and the implementation of related public policy - a relevant topic with contemporary traffic congestion, environmental intrusion, transport safety, and budget issues. It is a resource for both experienced researchers and those new to the field.
Introduction; K.J. Button, D.A. Hensher
Transport planning; D. Banister 
Traffic reduction; P.B. Goodwin
Equity versus efficiency in transport systems; C. Nash
The concept of optimal transport systems; R. Vickerman
The economics of transport networks; K.J. Button 
Traffic congestion and congestion pricing; R. Lindsey, E. Verhoef
Modal diversion; D.A. Hensher
Induced travel and user benefits: clarifying definitions and measurement for urban road infrastructure; P.W. Abelson, D.A. Hensher
Cost-benefit analysis in transport; P. Mackie, J. Nellthorp
Transport subsidies; W. Rothengatter
Transportation demand management; J.L. Gifford, O.J. Stalebrink
Infrastructure capacity; T.R. Lakshmanan, W.P. Anderson
Transport safety; I. Savage
Environmental protection; E. Quinet, D. Sperling
Transportation and economic development; K. Haynes, K.J. Button
Bus services: deregulation and privatisation (lessons for third world cities); A. Armstrong-Wright
Transportation in sparsely populated regions; A.E. Andersson
Biking and walking: the position of non-motorized transport modes in transport systems; P. Rietveld 
Traffic calming; R. Brindle
Specialized transport; D. Gillingwater, N. Tyler
Women and travel; L.A. Schintler
Cross-border traffic; K.J. Button
Parking and traffic control; W. Young
Road vehicle design standards; M.C. Case, M.G. Lay
Junction design; R.N. Bird
High-occupancy routes and truck lanes; D. Pitfield, R. Watson
Urban traffic flow; A.D. May
Traffic flow control; L.A. Schintler
Traffic control devices and management; K.J. Button
Intelligent transport systems; M.A.P. Taylor
Transportation information systems; B. Benson
Route guidance systems; D. Nelson, P.J. Tarnoff
Modeling traffic signal control; M. Smith et al.
Railway scheduling; R. Watson
Public transport scheduling; A. Ceder
Seaport terminal management; B. Thomas
Air traffic control systems; G.L. Donohue
Airport slot controls; A.M. Khan

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