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Handbook of Transport and the Environment Vol: 4

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19 Nov 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
854 pages - 165 x 240 x 38mm
Handbooks in Transport


As one of the most challenging issues facing the transport sector, the need for this handbook devoted to the environmental impacts of transport is clear. It gives full treatment to all aspects of the subject such as: environmental concepts, both physical and economic - key environmental concerns: global warming, air quality, noise, safety, amenity, and severance; the role of fuel sources and new technology in reducing environmental externalities; the contribution of each transport sector to energy consumption and emissions - appraisal, valuation, and impacts of externalities; institutional and political settings and policies - the role of environmental legislation; and special topics such as tourism, public attitudes, and gender. Each chapter was specially commissioned from an acknowledged world expert on the topic. Each offers an overview and useful insights to those familiar with the area as well as those new to it. Systematic and thorough in its creation, current and acessible in its content, and authoritative and international in its authorship, the "Handbook of Transport and the Environment" will be the definitive reference work on this important subject.
Environmental concepts - physical and economic. 
Climate change. 
Air quality. 
The economics of noise. 
Amenity and severance. 
Transportation fuels - a system perspective. 
Fuel options. 
Cleaner vehicles. 
Carbon dioxide emissions from transportation: trends, driving factors, and forces for change. 
Transport energy and emissions: buses. 
Transport energy and emissions: urban public transport. 
Transport energy and emissions: aviation. 
Environmental impacts of shipping. 
Transport energy and emissions: rail. 
Environmental impact assessment for sustainable transport. 
Transport investment appraisal and the environment. 
Evaluation of environmental impacts. 
Valuation of environmental externalities. 
Valuation case studies. 
The health effects of motor vehicle-related air pollution. 
Environmental externalities of motor vehicle use. 
Valuation of safety. 
Location externalities: effects on modeling, infrastructure provision and optimal planning. 
Macroeconomic policies and the environment. 
History of environmental legislation. 
International coordination of environmental policies and multilateral environmental agreements. 
Environmental pricing in transport. 
Planning for sustainable environmental futures. 
Environmental justice applications in transport: the international perspective. 
Winners and losers in transport policy: on efficiency, equity, and compensation. 
Unintended effects of polices. 
Global warming and emission trading. 
Travel, tourism, and the environment. 
Gender, transportation, and the environment. 
Logistics and the environment. 
Reverse logistics: an overview and a causal model. 
Transportation of hazardous goods and materials. 
Public attitudes. 
Travel behavior change through individual engagement. 
Packaging policies to address environmental concerns. 
The street: integrating transport and urban environment. 
Integrated transport models for environmental assessment. 
Transportation demand management and "win-win" transportation solutions.

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