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Handbook of Special Education: Emerging Programs Vol: 4

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16 Aug 1991
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
304 pages - 178 x 254 x 17mm
Advances in Education


This fourth volume of the Handbook of Special Education: Research and Practice deals with the nature and nurture of gifted and talented youth, issues affecting students with severe disabilities and children and youth at risk. Section one focuses on gifted and talented youth, their identification, practices to accelerate and enrich their learning, their socio-emotional adjustment, and special categories of gifted students. New federal legislation in the US, changing views about intelligence, and growing concern over quality of education, make this section timely and important. Section two concerns students with severe disabilities with topics ranging from how they can be served in regular school and community settings to the transition to work and living in the community. In section three the theme is children and youth at risk from poverty, limited linguistic competence, limited cognitive mastery, and family problems. The chapters highlight what action can be taken to solve the educational problems associated with these risks. Special attention is paid to the problems of education in the inner-city.
Preface. The Nature and Nurture of Gifted and Talented Youth. Introduction. Identification of gifted and talented youth. Meeting the needs of gifted students through use of acceleration. Research on enrichment of efforts in gifted education. Social-emotional development and adjustment of gifted children. Research on special populations of gifted learners. Issues Affecting Students With Severe Disabilities. Introduction. Augmentative systems for communication with severely disabled students. Determining the acceptability of behavior support plans. Issues in health care in the education of students with the most severe disabilities. Transition from school to integrated work and community living. Policy implications of emergent full inclusion models for the education of students with severe disabilities. Children and Youth at Risk. Introduction. Risks associated with poverty: an analysis of problems and reform needs of urban schools. Challenges for limited English proficient students and the schools. Risks associated with students' limited cognitive mastery. Families and academic achievement: risks and resilience. Author index. Subject index.

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