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Globalizations and Emerging Issues in Trade Theory and Policy Vol: 5

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01 Oct 2008
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
200 pages - 152 x 229 x 28mm
Frontiers of Economics and Globalization


This edited volume is a collection of latest research findings on topical issues in international trade theory and policy. The chapters are contributed by well known academic economists around the globe as a tribute to Professor Murray Kemp's 80th birthday. They cover three broad areas of globalization and emerging issues in international trade. The first part of the volume, containing five chapters, deals with trade liberalization and outsourcing. These chapters examine the role of the WTO, trade liberalization as a game under uncertainty, a Chamberlinian-Ricardian model, liberalization of government procurements, and outsourcing and import restriction policies. The second part of the volume, also containing five chapters, examines trading clubs and preferential trading agreements. These chapters extend the original Kemp-Wan proposition concerning customs unions in various directions. The final part of this book consists of six chapters on various aspects of trade and aid. These include a review of Kemp's contributions to trade and welfare economics, gains from trade and refusal to trade, increasing returns and oligopoly, tariff policy and foreign economic aid, infrastructure aid and deindustrialization, and environmental regulation and tourism.
Chapter 1 The WTO and The World Economy: A Welfare-Theoretic Perspective. Chapter 2 Trade Liberalization as a Game of Decision Under Uncertainty. Chapter 3 Comparative Advantage and Trade Liberalization in a Chamberlinian–Ricardian Model. Chapter 4 Outsourcing and Import Restriction Policies. Chapter 5 Liberalization of Government Procurements: Competition from Foreign Firms. Chapter 6 Normative Comparisons of Customs Unions and Other Types of Free Trade Association. Chapter 7 A Free Trade Area and its Neighbor's Welfare: A Revealed Preference Approach. Chapter 8 Tariff Adjustments in Preferential Trade Agreements. Chapter 9 More (or Less) on Necessarily Welfare-Enhancing Free Trade Areas. Chapter 10 Pareto-Improving Trading Clubs without Income Transfers. Chapter 11 The Contribution of Murray Kemp to the Discipline of International Trade and Welfare Economics. Chapter 12 The Gains from Trade and Refusal to Trade. Chapter 13 A Two-Country Model of International Trade with Increasing Returns and Oligopoly. Chapter 14 Tariff Policy and Foreign Economic Aid for the Economy with a Monopolistically Competitive Nontraded Industry and Capital Inflow. Chapter 15 Infrastructure Aid and Deindustrialization in Developing Countries. Chapter 16 Environmental Regulations for a Small Open Economy with Tourism. List of Contributors. Frontiers of economics and globalization. Globalization and Emerging Issuesintrade Theory and policy. Copyright page. Introduction. Subject Index.

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