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Globalization and the Time-space Reorganization: Capital Mobility in Agriculture and Food in the Americas Vol: 17

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24 Feb 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
250 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Research in Rural Sociology and Development


This volume explores capital mobility under globalization by studying some of its salient consequences in agriculture and food in North and South America. It probes the manner in which capital mobility alters the organization of the temporal and spatial dimensions that characterize the reproduction of capital. This is an important aspect of globalization because it reproduces the tension between the constant attempt of agents of capitalism to expand their scope of action and accelerate the time of the reproduction of capital, and the fixed nature of the institutions and measures that are employed to regulate capitalism. The analysis of this contradictory aspect of globalization is presented in seven cases that, while global in scope and social implications, are located in North and South America. Areas examined include the organization of labor in the exportation of grapes, fruit producing regions of Argentina and Brazil, the changing character of small town Ontario, migration and farmers in Mexico, and North Atlantic salmon. These original pieces of empirical research are contextualized by the introduction and common themes underscored in the concluding chapter.
List of Contributors. Introduction. Chapter 1 Labor in global commodity chains: The organization of labor in export grape. Chapter 2 Capital mobility and new workspaces in fruit-producing regions of Brazil and Argentina. Chapter 3 Labor mobility in the field of agriculture and food globalization. Chapter 4 The changing character of small town Ontario: Transnational capital/labour flows in a not so globalized world. Chapter 5 Free trade of coffee, exodus of coffee workers: The case of the Southern Mexican border region of the state of Chiapas. Chapter 6 Global productive capital mobility: The case of Chilean farmed Atlantic salmon. Chapter 7 Trade and poverty: changes in farming and community in NAFTA'S first decade. Chapter 8 Conclusions: The contradictions of the reconfiguration of time and space. Globalization and the Time–Space Reorganization. Research in rural sociology and development. Research in rural sociology and development. Copyright page.

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