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Globalism and Localism in Telecommunications

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16 Mar 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
432 pages - 174 x 230 x 33mm


The telecommunications industry is being transformed by contradictory forces: on the one hand, the trend toward global expansion by carriers, and on the other hand, fragmentation and entry in local communications. These transformations represent two sides of the same issue: a blurring of market boundaries created through technical innovation, policy liberalization, user initiatives and entrepreneurialism. The result is a complex web of overlapping network definitions, product and service markets, carrier types, technical standards, government policies, financial arrangements, and cooperative ventures. This volume discusses the complexities of these bi-polar forces and maps out the policy issues which need to be addressed today and in the future.
Chapter Headings: Introduction: The End of Territorality in Communications (E.M. Noam, A.J. Wolfson). Dynamics of the New Local Communications Markets. Universal Service: Creating Effective Policies for the Future. Communications Beyond Frontiers: Expansion of National Carriers Across Borders. Investment Drivers for Global Telecommunications. Policy Issues for the New Global Communications Environment. Index.

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