Global Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Growth: Coopetition and Knowledge Dynamics within and across Firms

Stavros Sindakis
American University in Dubai, UAE

Panagiotis Theodorou
Institute of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Education for Growth, Cyprus

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07 Dec 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
452 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advanced Strategies in Entrepreneurship, Education and Ecology
Contemporary markets are increasingly complex and dynamic. Diverse business contexts have become closer, and are increasingly influenced by socio-economic and technological factors. Firms nowadays build alliances even with competing players to ensure entrepreneurial survival and growth. This publication aims to investigate, compare, and contrast the theoretical and practical elements of business concepts and models that are acclimated to the dynamic changes of our modern era. Furthermore, it describes and analyzes the current cooperative interactions among firms, and evaluates the contribution of knowledge dynamics in coopetition.
Organizational performance is one of the major elements required in contemporary markets, and the necessity to promote initiatives for innovation in new technological investments creates the foundations for growth, enabling businesses to explore opportunities in the global context. This book aims to explore and utilize the existing academic knowledge, and to contribute to the topic of coopetition within and across firms for entrepreneurial growth. It is a culmination of recent global circumstances and credible academic theories, focusing on analyzing, evaluating and interpreting the modern status-quo in the international business environment.
Chapter 1: Introduction - Stavros Sindakis and Panagiotis Theodorou

Section A: Coopetition, Entrepreneurial Internationalization, and Business Development

Chapter 2: Effectuated Innovation Process in Entrepreneurial Firms: A Conceptual Model - Jacky F. L. Hong and Xi Zhao

Chapter 3: A Time Use Perspective on Entrepreneurial Initiatives in the Multinational Enterprise - Christopher Williams and Wendelien van Eerde

Chapter 4: Business Model Used in Companies Representing Creative Industries - Mieczysław Morawski

Chapter 5: Entrepreneurial SMEs Surviving in the Era of Globalisation: Critical Success Factors - Hee Song Ng and Daisy Mui Hung Kee

Chapter 6: Hidden Champions from Small Catching up Country: Leveraging Entrepreneurial Orientation, Organizational Capabilities and Global Networks - Monika Petraite and Vytaute Dlugoborskyte

Chapter 7: Internet of Things” Firms and New Patterns of Internationalization - Valerio Veglio

Chapter 8: Coopetition through International Luxury Brand Licensing: Burberry in Japan - Kenichi Ohkita

Section B: Knowledge Flows and Coopetitive Entrepreneurship for Organizational Sustainability

Knowledge Dynamics and Flows for Organisational Performance

Chapter 9: Coopetition and Knowledge Dynamics: Knowledge Creation and Management for Growth - Stavros Sindakis, Sakshi Aggarwal and Panagiotis Theodorou

Chapter 10: Managing Coopetition in Knowledge-based Industries - Frédéric Le Roy, Anne-Sophie Fernandez and Paul Chiambaretto 

Chapter 11: Knowledge Dynamics and Resource Efficiency in International Business Relations - Francesco Rizzi, Chiara Pellegrini and Niccolò Todaro

Chapter 12: Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Leakage in Dyadic Coopetitive Alliances involving SMEs - Tatbeeq Raza-Ullah and Jessica Eriksson

Chapter 13: External Knowledge Sources and Knowledge Integration Mechanisms for Organizational Performance: Evidence from Italian SMEs - Daria Sarti

Coopetitive Entrepreneurship through Innovative and Technological Strategies

Chapter 14: Predicting Strategic Actions Across Industry Sectors: The Role of Intangible Dynamics - G. Scott Erickson and Helen N. Rothberg

Chapter 15: University-Industry Interface: Open and Dynamic Business Models to Reduce Spin-offs Risk of Failure - Angelo Corallo, Fabrizio Errico, Laura Fortunato, Maria Elena Latino and Marta Menegoli 

Chapter 16: From Apps to Start-ups: Success Factors for New Entries in Open Data Ecosystem - Fotis Kitsios and Maria Kamariotou

Chapter 17: Accelerating Innovation in the UAE: The 3i Framework - Alexandros Papaspyridis and Tatiana Zalan

Chapter 18: Mobile Phone Innovation and Technology-driven Exports in Sub-Saharan Africa - Simplice A. Asongu

Chapter 19: Digital Food Hubs as Disruptive Business Models Based on Coopetition and “Shared Value” for the Sustainability in the Agri-food Sector - Giaime Berti, Catherine Mulligan and Han Yap

Section C: Politics, Ecology, and Social Scopes on Coopetition and Growth

Chapter 20: World Trade Organisation and Stimulating Innovation: An Outline Approach Towards Growth in the Chinese Market - Panagiotis Theodorou

Chapter 21: Sustainability and Knowledge Dynamics in Entrepreneurial Growth: Evidence from Internationalizing Finnish SMEs - Lasse Torkkeli, Maria Uzhegova, Hanna Salojärvi and Sami Saarenketo

Chapter 22: Building Green Growth and Entrepreneurship in the Pacific through Knowledge and Innovation - Evanthie Μichalena

Chapter 23: Discussing Practical and Educational Challenges in Teaching Circular Economy - Helen Kopnina

Chapter 24: Conclusion - Stavros Sindakis and Panagiotis Theodorou

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