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Global Leadership for Social Justice: Taking it from the Field to Practice Vol: 14

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28 Jun 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
350 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
Advances in Educational Administration


Global Leadership For Social Justice: Taking It From The Field To Practice proposes perspectives for conceptualizing the preparation of leaders for social justice and equity-oriented work in schools. Although faculty in the field of education have prepared thousands of school leaders, and the research continues to expand, limited research exists regarding how to prepare leaders for social justice work in schools, especially considering international contexts. This book builds on extant empirical and theoretical work in the area of educational leadership, and deepens understanding of what leading for social justice and equity-oriented work looks like within diverse schools.
List of Contributors. Foreword. Introduction – Advancing Leadership for Social Justice in a Globalized World. Chapter 1 Mitigating the Impact of Educational Policies in Rural Kenya. Chapter 2 Listening to Student Voice: Toward a More Inclusive Theory for Research and Practice. Chapter 3 Re-thinking the Preparation of Educational Leaders: Utilizing Q-methodology to Facilitate the Development of Socially Just Leaders. Chapter 4 A Program Designed to Reculture Educational Leadership. Chapter 5 Preparing School Leaders for Social Justice: Examining the Efficacy of Program Preparation. Chapter 6 Racial Identity Development in Principal Preparation Programs: Linking Theory to Practice. Chapter 7 Davis K-8 School: Utilizing Transformational Leadership to Drive Inclusive Practice. Chapter 8 Teacher Leadership: Leading for Social Justice in Teacher Education. Chapter 9 Standing Still is no Longer an Option: Understanding how to Prepare School Leaders to Interrupt Oppressive Practices. Chapter 10 A Tale of two Scholar-Practitioners: Transforming Practices at their Sites and Beyond. Chapter 11 Toward a Framework for an Inclusive Model of Social Justice Leadership Preparation: Equity-Oriented Leadership for Students with Disabilities. Chapter 12 The Future of Educational Leadership Preparation: Creating the Capacity for Caring, Equity, and Leading for Social Justice. Epilogue. Author biographies. Index. Global Leadership for Social Justice: Taking it from the Field to Practice. Advances in Educational Administration. Advances in Educational Administration. Copyright page.

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