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Global Diffusion of Human Resource Practices: Institutional and Cultural Limits Vol: 21

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30 Jun 2008
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
308 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Advances in International Management
The competitive forces generated by globalization act to promote the cross-national diffusion of human resource management 'best practices'. In particular, high performance work practices have come to be viewed as the standard as companies in many parts of the world have endeavored to 'Americanize' their employment and management systems. Yet cultural, institutional, and ideological forces continue to offer resistance to the global convergence of HR practices. This volume contains papers from authors in Europe, Asia, Africa, and US who explore diffusion in a variety of national contexts. Different methodologies and perspectives provide a range of interpretations regarding diffusion and convergence.
Competitiveness and the employment relationship in Europe: Is there a global missing link in HRM?. Multinationals and national systems of employment relations: Innovators or adapters?. Two failed attempts and one success: The introduction of teamwork at SEAT–Volkswagen. Managing human resources in South Africa: A multinational firm focus. Human capital theory and practice in Russian enterprises. The adoption of HR strategies in a Confucian context. Toward a model of gender diversity in the workplace in East Asia: Preliminary evidence from manufacturing industries in Taiwan. Cross-national differences in the determination of pay fairness judgments: Do cultural differences play a role?. Individualism and collectivism in Lebanon: Correlations with socioeconomic factors and effects on management and human resources practices. Family-friendly employment practices: Importance and effects in India, Kenya, and China. International human resource management in the Indian information technology sector: A comparison of Indian MNCs and affiliates of foreign MNCs in India. Introduction. List of Contributors. Edited by. Edited by. Copyright page.

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