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Gifted Children of Color Around the World: Diverse Needs, Exemplary Practices and Directions for the Future Vol: 3

Chance W. Lewis
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

James L. Moore III
Ohio State University, USA

Joy Lawson Davis
Virginia Union University, USA

James L. Moore III
Ohio State University, USA

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25 Jul 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
216 pages - 152 x 229 x 20mm
Advances in Race and Ethnicity in Education


We live in a global society, wherein our dependence on our neighbors is growing more intensely each year. Technology, travel, and interdependent economic systems require that nations know more and share more of their natural resources. Among the most precious of these resources is the intellectual talent that resides in their countries. This edited volume sheds light on the unique challenges, trends, and intersecting issues related to identifying intellectual potential of children of color around the world, providing access to appropriate curriculum and instructional opportunities, addressing the professional capacities of teachers working with these students, and the role of diverse families and communities in the talent development process in these communities. To achieve the volume 'EUROs' objectives, the editors bring together expert scholars from around the world who have a vested interest in gifted children of color.
1. Gifted Education Programming: Serving the Native Peruvian - Sheyla Blumen 2. Developing Cultural Competence in Gifted and Advanced Students Using Community Problem Solving - Tarek C. Grantham, Margaret E. Hines, April Dennis, Marianne Solomon and Brittany N. Anderson 3. Si Se Puede / Yes We Can: Ramping Up Efforts for Collaborating with Hispanic Parents and Families - Jaime A. Castellano 4. Meeting the Academic and Socio-Emotional Needs of Twice Exceptional African American Students Through Group Counseling - Renae D. Mayes, Paul C. Harris and Erik M. Hines 5. Talent in Every Community: a Glimpse into the World of Parenting Gifted Children of Color - Joy Lawson Davis 6. Where Are All the Latino Males in Gifted Programs? - Desiree Vega and James L. Moore III 7. Teaching to Their Strengths: Good Medicine for Native American Education - Jerry Lassos and Steven C. Haas 8. Biracial and Multiracial Gifted Students: Looking for a Grain of Rice in a Box of Sand - Donna Y. Ford, Gilman W. Whiting and Ramon B. Goings 9. Brief Overview of the Current State of Gifted Education in the Dominican Republic - Leticia R. Ja´Quez, Roma´N B. Ja´Quez and D. Socorro Collado 10. Gifted Children of Color in the Deep South - Kevin D. Besnoy, E. Camille Fears Floyd, Elvira G. Deyamport and Ashley Cavan
Edited by Joy Lawson Davis, Virginia Union University, VA, USA James L. Moore III, The Ohio State University, OH, USA

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