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Getting Better at Sensemaking Vol: 9

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02 Feb 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
512 pages - 156 x 234 x 28mm
Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing


This work's 16 contributions fill the mind with knowledge, skills, and insights useful for improving the executive's ability to do what needs to be done: scan environments better to find the weak signals on breakthrough technologies; shifts in customers' attitudes and behaviors; changes in behaviors of suppliers, governments, and other stakeholder groups; frame problems/opportunities better by deepening understanding on how we go about making sense of what is happening and can be made to happen; deciding better by gaining deep knowledge on how decisions are actually made and can be improved (e.g., via systems thinking and simulating system operations to uncover powerful levers previously unrecognized); and, doing better by applying new tools to learn what is really happening when planned strategies are converted into realized strategies.
Competence-based business processes within industrial networks: a theoretical and empirical analysis (K. Alajoutsijarvi, H. Tikkanen). Studies on industrial marketing change processes: a theoretical review and suggestive framework (P. Andersson). Management of the market research client/agency relationship (R. Brennan). Qualitative methods in business studies (T. Damgaard et al.). Negotiating international industrial projects: MNCs vs. emerging markets (P.N. Ghauri). Global integration of marketing R&D: IBM's Haifa Research Laboratory and its 'webcutter' technology (M. Hortwich et al.). Using case studies for theory testing in business-to-business research: the development of a more rigorous case study methodology (W.J. Johnston et al.). Development of measures to assess customer perceived value in a business-to-business context (J. Lapierre). Methods of country risk assessment for international market-entry decision (J.B. Levy, E. Yoon). Judgmental heuristics in overseas vendor search evaluation: a proposed model of importer buying behavior (Neng Liang, R.L. Stump). Research on business-to-business barter in Australia (P.W. Liesch, D. Birch). Business marketing as 'politics': identifying and managing political buying situations (K.K.E. Moller). Portfolio of supplier-customer relationships (R. Salle et al.). Ingredient branding: perspectives and problems of brand development in business-to-business endorser relations (K. Theile, W. Burr). Integration of qualitative and quantitative research approaches in business-to-business marketing (G.A. Wuhrer, T. Werani).

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