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Genre and Ethnic Collections: Collected Essays Vol: 38

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29 Jan 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
264 pages - 150 x 230 x 28mm
Foundations in Library and Information Sciences
This is an exploration of the richness inherent in genre and ethnic collections. The contributors were asked to provide an overview of their topic, its relevance to library collections and suggestions about how collections might proceed. In addition, attention was paid to the needs of individual collectors, many of whose collections have also enriched libraries. The editors hope that this volume will contribute to a greater understanding of why it is important to collect and preserve special kinds of writing. The studies of the various genres in this book show that each has a specific contribution to make to the understanding of our social development and many can enlighten dark passages in the past.
Introduction, Milton T. Wolfe and Murray S. Martin; comic books - culture in four colours, Mark C. Rogers; detective and mystery fiction, Murray S. Martin; fantasy literature, Fiona Kelleghan and Daryl F. Mallet; horror literature, Fiona Kelleghan and Daryl F. Mallet; the romance, Jeffrey M. Wallman; science fiction - an evolving genre, Michael Simons and Milton T. Wolfe; the western, Jeffrey M. Wallman; beyond "To An Athlete Dying Young" - the importance of sport literature, Chuck Etheridge and Jana Vise; children's literature coming of age, Hilary Thompson; images of ageing in American literature, Vinta M. Shumway; women's spirituality - a burgeoning microcosm of women's studies, Betty J. Glass; geology - in awe of nature, Linda Newman and Lois M. Pausch; what pleasure government publications?, Millie Syring and Mary Martin; the case of the invisible novel - genre fiction in Basque literature, Linda White; collecting Caribbean, Murray S. Martin; "On the Sea of Torment" - Hungarian literature through the centuries, Csilla Bertha; "The Grateful Dead" - introduction to Jewish folklore, Maureen Tovah Krause.

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