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Genetics, Health, and Society Vol: 16

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16 Jul 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
336 pages - 152 x 229 x 22mm
Advances in Medical Sociology


This volume focuses on critical issues surrounding the intersection of genetics, health, and society. It provides a critical examination of sociological and biomedical approaches to genomics, including strengths and limitations of each perspective.
Heritability Studies: Methodological Flaws, Invalidated Dogmas, and Changing Paradigms. Genetic Approaches to Health Disparities. Making a Case for Genetics: Interdisciplinary Visions and Practices in the Contemporary Social Sciences. Researching Genes, Behavior, and Society to Improve Population Health: A Primer in Complex Adaptive Systems as an Integrative Approach. Sociology in an Age of Genomic Instability: Copy Number Variation, Somatic Mosaicism, and the Fallen Genome. Natural Symptoms? The Intersection of Social, Biological, and Genetic Determinants of Depression in Later Life. Frames of Reference: Marketing the Practice and Ethics of PGD on Fertility Clinic Websites. The Right to Know or Not to Know: Risk Notification and Genetic Counselling. Using Public-Private Partnerships to Mitigate Disparities in Access to Genetic Services: Lessons from Wisconsin. All Marked-Up in the Genetic Era: Race and Ethnicity as “Floating Signifiers” in Genetic and Genomic Research. Genetics, Health and Society. Advances in medical sociology. Genetics, Health and Society. Copyright page. List of Contributors. The Sociology of, in, and with Genetics: The Role of Medical Sociology in the Era of “-omics”. Editorial Advisory Board.

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