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Genders and Sexualities in Educational Ethnography Vol: 3

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01 Jan 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
244 pages - 234 x 156 x 14mm
Studies in Educational Ethnography


Studies of gender and education have been at the forefront of much ethnographic research for several decades, but the interest in sexualities and education is more recent. Indeed, to study sexualities and schooling is, almost in itself, a challenge to many common assumptions about children and what it is 'to be a child'. However, study of the nature and construction of gender and sexuality has now become a recognized and highly productive research area, and one that is highly suited to ethnographic methods. The new research presented in these chapters illustrates some of the range of recent work in the area and the power of ethnography to uncover the complex and contested processes of construction.
Friends or foes? Interpersonal relations between girls in school (J. Holland et al.). Understanding heterosexualities: masculinities, embodiment and schooling (M.J. Kehily). Masculinities and English professional football: youth traineeship, sub-cultural expectation and gender identity (A. Parker). Football and relationships: gendered experiences of home? (C. Hudson). Being 'one of the lads': infant boys, masculinities and schooling (C. Skelton). First days in the field: gender and sexuality in an evangelical Christian school (G. Walford). Flirting from the threshold: escaping the gendered division of labour through sexual ambiguity - a case study of lesbian officers in the sea cadet corps (J. Raisborough). Schoolgirl frictions: young women, sex education and social experience (M.J. Kehily, A. Nayak). Troubling the auto/biography of the questioner: re/thinking rapport and the politics of social class in feminist participant observation (V. Hey). Opening the can of worms: gender and emotion in sensitive research (D. Carlyle). Does gender make a difference? A male researcher's reflexive account of gendered fieldwork relations in ethnographic work on stress in teaching (G. Troman).

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