Gender, Sex and Gossip in Ambridge: Women in The Archers

Nicola Headlam
University of Oxford, UK

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05 Apr 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
224 pages - 129 x 198mm
The intrepid team of researchers who brought you Custard, Culverts and Cake: Academics on Life in The Archers return with a hard-hitting exposé on the lives of the women of Ambridge. In this new book, the Archers Academics are joined by former The Archers editor, Alison Hindell and real-life Academic Archer Dr Charlotte Connor (a.k.a. Susan Carter), to examine the power of gossip in Ambridge, portrayals of love, marriage, and motherhood, female education and career expectations, women's mental health and the hard-won right of women to play cricket. 

Gender, Sex and Gossip in Ambridge gives the reader a deeper understanding of the real life issues covered in the programme, an insight into the residents of Ambridge, and validation that hours of listening to The Archers is, in fact, academic research.
Preface: What are the Women of Ambridge Telling us?; Nicola Headlam and Cara Courage 
Section One - Inside Ambridge 
Chapter 1. In Conversation with Alison Hindell; Nicola Headlam and Cara Courage 
Chapter 2. 'I'm Not One to Gossip': Roots, Rumour and Mental Well-Being in Ambridge; Charlotte Connor, The University of Warwick, Aka Charlotte Martin, Actor, Susan Carter in BBC Radio 4 The Archers 
Section Two - Women's Talk: Informal Information Networks that Sustain the Village 
Chapter 3. Neighbourhood Watch: Gossip, Power and the Working-Class Matriarch in The Archers; Claire Mortimer
Chapter 4. In Praise of Gossip - Why Tongue-Wagging and the Rumour Mill are Important in Ambridge; Louise Gillies
Chapter 5. 'Almost Without Exception they are Shown in their Relation to Men': Ambridge Women and their Conversations; Sarah Kate Merry
Chapter 6. Foucault, Freda Fry and the Power of Silent Characters on the Radio; Rebecca Wood
Section Three - Gendered Expectations: Within the Home
Chapter 7. 'This Isn't About Curry, Alistair': Shula Hebden-Lloyd and Iris Murdoch on Love; Hannah Marije Altorf
Chapter 8. Oh Baby! Unplanned Pregnancy and a Woman's Right to Choose; Carolynne Henshaw 
Chapter 9. Women's Work?: Civil Society Networks for Social Stability or Social Change in Ambridge; Nicola Headlam
Chapter 10. Strong or Silenced? The Under-Representation of Mental Health Problems in Ambridge's Women; Elizabeth Campion
Section Four - Gendered Expectations: Beyond the Home 
Chapter 11. 'What Would the Neighbours Say?': Gender and Sexual Diversity in The Archers; William Pitt
Chapter 12. Ambridge: Keeping The Pipeline of Uk Female Scientists Flowing; Jane Turner and Clare Warren  
Chapter 13. I Am Woman Hear Me Roar - And Now Watch Me Play Cricket; Katharine Hoskyn
Chapter 14 - Sow's Ears and Silk Purses: Upcycling and The Archers; Madeleine Lefebvre
Dr Cara Courage is Head of Tate Exchange, UK, the Tate's platform dedicated to socially engaged art, and an arts, society and place curator, researcher, writer and practitioner.
Dr Nicola Headlam is the Head of the Northern Powerhouse within the Cities and Local Growth Unit, currently on secondment from her Research Fellowship at The University of Oxford, UK.

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