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Gender Segregation in Vocational Education Vol: 31

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20 Nov 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
320 pages - 152 x 229 x 21mm
Comparative Social Research
The gender segregated nature of vocational education (VET) has received little attention in the stratification literature, despite the well-known consequences of VET for differences in labour market outcomes, such as job placement, income and access to full-time employment. This book investigates the institutional contexts of gender segregation in VET from a comparative perspective, through a number of cross-national comparisons as well as more in-depth studies of Canada, Norway, Germany, Australia and Bulgaria.The various chapters tackle questions about occupational expectations, gendered pathways to applied fields of study, educational transitions, feminization of occupations and the relationship between educational choice and opportunity structures. We discuss the relationship between institutional contexts and gender-typing of educational programs, and whether VET system characteristics make a difference to occupational outcomes across countries. The book concludes with a chapter on education-to-employment transitions (based on a large scale comparative project on labour market entry) assessing the impact of vocational education on gendered labour market inequalities.
Gender Inequalities at Labour Market Entry: A Comparative View from the eduLIFE Project. Vocational Training and Gender Segregation Across Europe. Educational Systems and Gender Segregation in Education: A Three-Country Comparison of Germany, Norway and Canada. Gender Segregation in Occupational Expectations and in the Labour Market: International Variation and the Role of Education and Training Systems. Regional Gender Differences in Vocational Education in Bulgaria. Explaining the Dynamics of Occupational Segregation by Gender: A Longitudinal Study of the German Vocational Training System of Skilled Crafts. The Need for Social Approval and the Choice of Gender-Typed Occupations. Gender Segregation in Australian Science Education: Contrasting Post-Secondary VET with University. Two Sides of the Same Coin? Applied and General Higher Education Gender Stratification in Canada. Gender Segregation in Vocational Education. Copyright page. EDITORIAL BOARD. List of Contributors. List of Reviewers. Preface. Comparative social research. Gender Segregation in Vocational Education. About the Authors. Gender Segregation in Vocational Education: Introduction.

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