Gender Panic, Gender Policy Vol: 24

Vasilikie Demos
University of Minnesota Morris, USA

Marcia Texler Segal
Indiana University Southeast, USA

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30 Oct 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
368 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Gender Research


Using diverse theories and methods including analysis of online data, feminist critical discourse, fieldwork, grounded theory, and queer theory, this edited volume explores gender panic and policy in the United States as well as Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Japan, Russia, Sweden, and subnational populations. Contributors consider a range of issues from the meaning of learning to play the traditional female role in order to develop a contemporary heteronormative romantic relationship to the difficulties of fairly accommodating non-binary people in traditionally gendered settings or the problem of implementing a gender-neutral rape law in a prison system that is structurally gendered. Gendered policies pertaining, particularly, to women and their fertility as a result of panics over low birthrates are explored as are issues relating to the validation of and problems with binary gender categories in elite sports. The impact of UN gender equality initiatives including LGBT equality on nation-states is also examined.
Part 1: Tradition, Women, And The Place of Reproduction  
1. Women in The Military in Argentina: Nationalism, Gender and Ethnicity; Laura E. Masson 
2. Women's Health—Nation's Health: The Policies of Reproduction in Post-Soviet Belarus; Tatsiana Shchurko  
3. In Another Science War: Fictitious Evidence on Women’s Fertility and the "Egg Aging" Panic in 2010s Japan; Sigeto Tanaka  
4. Boys will be Boys, So Girls will be Girls: The Resurgence of Femininity Among Single Women; Summer Qassim 

Part 2: Questioning The Gender Binary 
5. Subverting the Dominant Paradigm: Cross Cultural Approaches to Understanding Gender; Edwin S. Segal 
6. "I'm Part of the Community, Too": Women's College Alumnae Responses to Transgender Admittance Policies; Megan Nanney
7. Hybrids, Hermaphrodites, and Sex Metamorphoses: Gendered Anxieties and Sex Testing in Elite Sport, 1937-1968; Sonja Erikainen  
8. The Fairest of Them All: Gender-Determining Institutions and the Science of Sex Testing; Madeleine Pape 

Part 3: Policing Gender: Rules, Regulations, and Laws 
9. "Dear Colleague Letter On Transgender Students": Title Ix Rights and Regulations On Gender; Kj Teut  
10. The Normativity of Recognition: Non-Binary Gender Markers in Australian Law and Policy; Dylan Amy Davis
11. Gendered Prisons, Gendered Policy: Gendered Subtext and the Prison Rape Elimination Act; Allison N. Gorga and Nicole Bouxsein Oehmen
12. The United States' International Valuing of Anti-Racism Norms over Gender Equality Norms; Malia Lee Womack 
13. Monitoring the World Society: LGBT Human Rights in Russia and Sweden; Danielle MacCartney  
Vasilikie Demos is Professor Emerita of Sociology at the University of Minnesota-Morris, USA, co-editor of Emerald’s Advances in Gender Research series, Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) representative to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women and Co-Chair of the SWS subcommittee on the Convention on the Elimination All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). She is the recipient of the 2008 Harriet Martineau Sociological Society Award. 

Marcia Texler Segal is Professor of Sociology and Dean for Research Emerita at Indiana University Southeast, USA. She is co-editor of Emerald’s Advances in Gender Research series. She serves on the Advisory Board of the Opportunities in Retirement Network at the International Sociological Association, and has received the SWS Mentorship Award and the Harriet Martineau Sociological Society Award.
Gender Panic, Gender Policy is an important, thought-provoking addition to exploration of the most recent controversial issues in gender studies. “Gender panic” is an excellent concept for the visceral negative responses to the LBGTQ challenges to the gender binary in major social institutions, such as the military and sports. International in scope, this collection of original essays addresses instances of structural regulation and violence toward non-binary individuals as well as probing the problematics of seemingly egalitarian laws. I highly recommend it for all those who want to keep up with today’s social changes. - Judith Lorber, Professor Emerita - City University of New York, USA

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