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Game Theory for Economists

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30 Aug 1993
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
315 pages - 152 x 229 x 22mm


"Game Theory for Economists" introduces economists to the game-theoretic approach of modelling economic behaviour and interaction, focusing on concepts and ideas from the vast field of game-theoretic models which find commonly used applications in economics. This careful selection of topics allows the reader to concentrate on the parts of the game which are the most relevant for the economist who does not want to become a specialist. Written at a level appropriate for a student or researcher with a solid microeconomic background, the book should provide the reader with skills necessary to formalize economic games and to make them accessible for game theoretic analysis. It offers a concise introduction to game theory which provides economists with the techniques and results necessary to follow the literature in economic theory; helps the reader formalize economic problems; and, concentrates on equilibrium concepts that are most commonly used in economics.
Introduction. Formal Representation of Games. Two-Player Zero-Sum Games. Equilibrium Concepts. Games with Incomplete Equilibrium. Refinements of the Nash Equilibrium Concept. Repeated Games and Folk Theorems. Bargaining Theory. Cooperative Game Theory.

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