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Fuels for the Future Vol: 11

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20 Dec 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
244 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Advances in Economics Energy Resources


The papers in this volume were presented at the Energy and Resource Workshop Series at Texas A&M University. Topics presented at the workshops were forums for the discussion of research concerning the economics of energy and other natural resources. Chapter topics include: new competition developing in the electric utility industry; the availability of fossil fuels throughout the coming century; innovations in natural gas exploration and production; and international cooperation to limit carbon emissions. This volume makes a timely and important addition to the series.
Introduction (J.R. Moroney). Are international agreements to regulate global warming necessary? (S. Devarajan, R.J. Weiner). Energy, carbon dioxide emissions, and economic growth (J.R. Moroney). U.S. oil production and energy consumption (A. Al-Jarri, R. Startzman). The increasing sustainability of conventional energy (R.L. Bradley Jr). The wolf at the door or crying wolf? Fears about the next oil crisis (M.C. Lynch). Behavior of tight gas reservoirs (R.A. Wattenbarger et al.). Structure and economics of the natural gas industry following deregulation (D.F. Reiter, M.J. Economides). Competition and electric power generation (D.A. Norman).

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