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Friendship and Peer Culture in Multilingual Settings Vol: 21

Maryanne Theobald
Queensland University of Technology, Australia

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22 Dec 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
312 pages - 152 x 229 x 20mm
Sociological Studies of Children and Youth
Authors of this book discover the intricacies of friendship and peer cultures of children in multilingual settings. Volume 21 brings together empirical research from across the globe, and from various methodological and theoretical orientations to investigate children’s relationships within multilingual settings such as school, home, community and online. Diverse views of children and young people on cross-cultural relationships offer rich and valuable findings and contribute new knowledge for policy makers, social workers, educators and parents about strategies children use to make friends. 
Internationally, the linguistic diversity of communities in the minority world is at its highest to date. With increasing numbers of children learning a language other than their home language at school or other places, it is important to understand the nature of the social relationships that children and youth are experiencing in their everyday lives in order to improve their chances of successful social experiences in the future. Applying a sociological perspective, this volume features the rich, varied and complex aspects of children's experiences of friendship in multilingual settings.
Foreword - William A. Corsaro Friendship and Peer Culture in Multilingual Settings: An Introduction - Maryanne Theobald Friendship, Participation, and Multimodality in Moroccan Immigrant Girls’ Peer Groups - Inmaculada M. García-Sánchez Speaking Distance: Language, Friendship and Spaces of Belonging in Irish Primary Schools - Susan Mcdonnell Fiji School Students’ Multilingual Language Choices When Talking with Friends - Suzanne C. Hopf, Sharynne Mcleod and Sarah H. Mcdonagh Language, Identity and Peer Interactions at a Linguistically Diverse School - Ruth Barley The Dilemma of Deviant Subcultures for Immigrant Youth Integration: An Analysis of Popularity Attainment in Israeli Schools - Keith Goldstein and Pnina Golan-Cook Peer Collaboration in Front of Two Alphabet Charts - Polly Björk-Willén “I’M Your Best Friend”: Peer Interaction and Friendship in a Multilingual Preschool - Maryanne Theobald, Amanda Bateman, Gillian Busch, Megan Laraghy and Susan Danby Multiple Involvements in Interactional Repair: Using Smartphones in Peer Culture to Augment Lingua Franca English - Tim Greer Intercultural Learning and Friendship Development in Short-Term Intercultural Education Programmes - Jennifer Watson and Zhù Huá Whanaungatanga Relationships: Within a One Day School of Te Reo M?ori Excellence - Kelli Te Maih?roa
Maryanne Theobald, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia Loretta E. Bass, The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA

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