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Food Security in a Food Abundant World: An Individual Country Perspective Vol: 16

Andrew Schmitz
University of Florida, USA

P. Lynn Kennedy
Louisiana State University, USA

Troy G. Schmitz
Arizona State University, USA

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15 Jan 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
256 pages - 152 x 229 x 18mm
Frontiers of Economics and Globalization


Food insecurity can result from various events. When food is abundant, the entitlement to food is limited by endowments, the ability to trade, and potential transfers from family or the government. This volume utilizes a country and regional perspective to examine food insecurity. We consider the interaction between income and the share of household expenditures on food. The epidemiological risk assessment approach to food security issues is utilized as a function of agricultural and production, food distribution, and health policies. The interdependence of food security and climate change is examined. Overall trends in economic growth and poverty reduction, constraints and bottlenecks in agricultural productivity growth, regional trade agreements, and other influential policies are reviewed and discussed. We also consider food security as related to food consumption patterns and obesity. The role of income diversification as well as the impact of Farmer School Fields on food security are examined. The impact of inheritance and transfer entitlements is examined as we consider the role of remittances as well as 'ganyu' or casual labor in determining food security.
1. Food Security and the Role of Food Storage - Andrew Schmitz and P. Lynn Kennedy 2. Food Security, Subsistence Agriculture, and Working’s Model - Charles B. Moss, James F. Oehmke and Alexandre Lyambabaje 3. A Probabilistic Approach to Food Security - David Zilberman and Yanhong Jin 4. the High Value to Society of Modern Agriculture: Global Food Security, Climate Protection, and Preservation of the Environment: Evidence from The European Union - Harald Von Witzke and Steffen Noleppa 5. Off-Farm Labor Allocation, Income, and Food Consumption Among Rural Farm Households in Transitional Albania - Ayuba Seidu and Gulcan Onel 6. the Status and Challenges of Food Security in Europe and Central Asia - Kateryna G. Schroeder and William H. Meyers 7. Factors Affecting Adolescent Obesity in Urban China - Carl Anfinson, Thomas I. Wahl, James L. Seale Jr. and Junfei Bai 8. Sugar, Fat, or Protein: Are All Food Insecure Households Eating the Same? The Case of Small Rice Producers in Peru - Pilar Useche and Jennifer Twyman 9. Food Safety and Food Security in the Canamex Trade Corridor - Eric P. Thor and Octavio Valdez Lafarga 10. Impact of Remittance on Food Security in Bangladesh - Madhav Regmi and Krishna P. Paudel 11. Informal “Ganyu” Labor Supply, and Food Security: The Case of Malawi - Isaac Sitienei, Ashok K. Mishra and Aditya R. Khanal 12. The Political Economy of Export Restrictions: The Case of Vietnam and India - Kathy Baylis, Murray E. Fulton and Travis Reynolds 13. Food Security Policy at the Extreme of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Hannah Pieters and Johan Swinnen 14. The Role of Nudges in Reducing Food Waste - David R. Just and Jeffrey M. Swigert 15. Wastage In Food Value Chains In Developing Countries: Evidence from the Potato Sector in Asia - Bart Minten, Thomas Reardon, Sunipa Das Gupta, Dinghuan Hu and K. A. S. Murshid
Hamid Beladi, University of Texas at San Antonio, USA E. Kwan Choi, Iowa State University, USA

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