Fathers, Childcare and Work: Cultures, Practices and Policies Vol: 12

Rosy Musumeci
University of Turin, Italy

Arianna Santero
University of Turin, Italy

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11 May 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
312 pages - 152 x 229mm
Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research
The work-life balance of fathers has increasingly come under scrutiny in political and academic debates. This collection brings together qualitative and quantitative empirical analyses to explore fathers’ approaches to reconciling paid work and care responsibilities. Taking a global perspective, contributors explore how fathers realize and represent their gendered work-care balance and how enterprises and experts, in country specific institutional context, provide formal and informal resources, constrains, expectations and social norms that shape their practices. 

Chapters explore how fathers from different social and economic backgrounds fullfil their roles both within the family and in the workplace, and what support they rely on in combining these roles. Further, the collection explores an area of research that has been little investigated: the role played by organizational cultures and experts (such as obstetricians, gynaecologists, paediatricians and psychologists) in shaping notions of ‘good’ fatherhood and fathering, to which individuals are required to confirm, and to which they, variously, comply or resist.
Introduction Caring Fathers in Discouraging Contexts? A Multidimensional Theoretical Framework; Rosy Musumeci and Arianna Santero 
Part I: Fathers' Experiences, Attitudes and Beliefs 
1. Anticipating and Practicing Fatherhood in Spain; María José González, Irene La Puerta, Teresa Martín-García and Marta Seiz  
2. When Husbands and Wives Don't Agree, Who 'Wins'? Value/Practice Dissonance in The Division of Work Around Parenthood in Italy; Manuela Naldini and Cristina Solera 
3. Fathers And Child Raising in Mexico in the Early 21st Century; Olga Rojas and Mario Martínez Salgado
4. Working Fathers and Childcare in The Czech Republic; Olga Nešporová and Kristýna Janurová 
Part II: Work Organizations and Child Care Experts Cultures 
5. Formal and Informal Workplace Support for New Fathers in Spain; Teresa Jurado-Guerrero, Jordi Monferrer, Carmen Botía and Francisco Abril 
6. The Influence of Infancy Experts and Workplace Cultures in Work-Childcare Reconciliation Practices Among Native and Immigrant Fathers in Italy; Rosy Musumeci and Arianna Santero  
7. Paternal Leave and Part-Time Work in Austria: Rearranging Family Life; Gerlinde Mauerer 
8. "Involved" Fathers, "Ideal" Workers? Fathers' Work-Family Experiences in the U.S.; Krista M. Brumley
Part III: Changing Fatherhood, Changing Policies? 
9. Culture, Policies and Practices on Fathers' Work and Childcare in Japan: A New Departure from old Persistence; Hideki Nakazato 
10. Policies Promoting Active Fatherhood in Five Nordic Countries; Guðný Björk Eydal and Tine Rostgaard 
Concluding Remarks, Caring Fathers' Entanglement in the Nexus of Cultures, Practices and Policies; Rosy Musumeci and Arianna Santero
Rosy Musumeci is Research Fellow in Sociology at University of Turin, Italy, working on the Horizon 2020-funded EXCEPT project on European youth and the labour market. Her main research interests are transitions to parenthood, work-life balance, job insecurity and the social exclusion of youth. She was co-ordinator of the FAMnet Equalsoc network Practices and Policies Around Parenthood: Towards New Models of Fatherhood?, and is a member of the international TransPARENT network. 
Arianna Santero is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Turin, Italy. Her research expertise focuses on gender relations, migration processes and social inequalities. She is participating in the Eramus+ project JUMP - Juggling Motherhood and Profession, the bEUcitizen project All Rights Reserved? Barriers Towards European Citizenship and InFact – Changing Families and Changing Institutions. She was co-ordinator of the FAMnet Equalsoc network Practices and Politics Around Parenthood: Towards New Models of Fatherhood?

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