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Experiments on Energy, the Environment, and Sustainability Vol: 14

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07 Apr 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
250 pages - 156 x 234 x 28mm
Research in Experimental Economics


This volume will present experimental economics research focusing on issues of environmental quality and sustainability. Specific topics will include institutions for cap-and-trade, eco-tourism, urban sprawl, and optimal pollution control strategies. In addition to the traditional 'introduction', we are asking an expert on engineering issues in energy, the environment, and sustainability to write an essay highlighting the benefits to scientists and engineers of understanding human behaviour.
List of Contributors. Introduction. Price Discovery in Emissions Permit Auctions. An Experimental Analysis of Grandfathering Versus Dynamic Auctioning in the EU ETS. Framing Effects in an Emissions Trading Experiment with Voluntary Compliance. Behavior in a Dynamic Environment with Costs of Climate Change and Heterogeneous Technologies: An Experiment. Contracts, Behavior, and the Land-assembly Problem: An Experimental Study. An Experimental Study for Environmental Fundraising in Majorca, Spain. Energy Systems, Economics, and Sustainability. Experiments on Energy, the Environment, and Sustainability. Research in experimental economics. Research in experimental economics. Copyright page.

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