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European Monetary Union Banking Issues: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives Vol: 14

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21 Jan 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
264 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Research in International Business and Finance


The EMU and the Euro are transforming European banking institutions, regulations, performance, and bank-state relationships. This book analyzes these dynamic challenges and processes. It presents contemporary and historical perspectives to guide an informed understanding of European banks, banking culture, and the role of the banking sector in the EMU's new financial and competitive environment.
List of contributors. Remarks on European Monetary Union banking issues (C. Kindleberger). Introduction (I. Finel-Honigman). Part I: Issues of Risk and Instability. Macro financial stability policy: an overview for a globalized world (H.P. Gray). EMU led by the Bundesbank: in defense of the skeptics (R.M. Dunn, Jr.). Survey of bank failures in non-U.S., G-10 countries since 1980 (P. Bartholomew, B.E. Gup). Part II: Historical Models and Contingencies. Banking, commerce, and political sovereignty: European antecedents (B. Shull). Credit lyonnais: case study of an EU anomaly or blueprint for the future? (I. Finel-Honigman). The European Union payment systems: early lessons from the Federal Reserve and the Reichsbank (R.J. Phillips). Part III: Regulatory and Competitive Environment. The political economy of banking regulation and implications for competition in Germany (E. Wenger, C. Kaserer). Deregulation, strategy, bank performance, and efficiency: the Spanish experience (I. Hasan et al.). The euro's impact on the European Union financial markets and banks (S.S. Rehman).

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