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European Economic Integration: a Challenge in a Changing World Vol: 224

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03 Jun 1994
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
352 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Contributions to Economic Analysis


The effects and challenges of European integration are analysed in this book, using a wide variety of research methods Topics covered include macroeconometric and applied general equilibrium modelling, international trade and applied econometric analysis. Various contributions focus on Europe itself and are concerned with macroeconomic management, price convergence, industrial restructuring and the environment. Extra developments in the European Community are also discussed, in relation with European integration, including world trade, regional integration and the East-European transition to a West-European style market economy. The book is dedicated to the long and prolific career of Jean Waelbroeck. It will be of great interest to both academic researchers and policymakers.
Introduction. The single market in Europe, an American appraisal (L.R. Klein). "l Market + I (tight) Money = 2 rules of fiscal discipline": Europe's fiscal stance deserves another look (J.H. Dreze). Measuring the welfare effects of European price convergence (A.P. Barten). Market reform in a heterogeneous world: a general equilibrium assessment of the Single Market program (J.-M. Burniaux, J. Waelbroeck). Completing the European internal market: a general equilibrium evaluation under alternative market structure assumptions (J. Mercenier). Adaptation of Asian countries to policy changes in Westem Europe (H. Hughes). Determinants of the anti-dumping and countervailing duty decisions of the European Communities (P.K.M. Tharakan, J. Waelbroeck). The logic of EC commercial and industrial policy revisited in 1992 (A, Jacquemin, A. Sapir). The Bush initiative, the MERCOSUL and Latin American integration: a view from parallel 22'53'43"S (R.G. Flores Jr.). Designing gradual transition to market economies (I. Adelman, P. Berck, D. Vujovic). Assessing the impact of environmental protection on industrial competitiveness in Europe (E. Waelbroeck-Rocha). Life-cycle consumption and liquidity constraints: an empirical analysis at the EC level (K. Sekkat, F. Thys-Cl6ment, D. Van Regemorter). Old and new conjectures on variables entering the household saving function (A. Borsu, H. Glejser).

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