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Ethics in Social Research Vol: 12

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17 Aug 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Studies in Qualitative Methodology


This volume supports the ethical negotiations of empirical researchers and enhances understanding of the complex imbrication of ethics and knowledge in contemporary social research. It deals jointly with the role of ethics in, and the effect of ethics on, social research.
List of Contributors. Open Questions: Ethics and Social Research. How did we ever get into this Mess? The Rise of Ethical Regulation in the Social Sciences. Knowledge and its Integrity Within a Knowledge Economy: Ethics and Wise Social Research. Public Sociology, Critical Sociology, and the Sociological Enterprise. Ethics and Social Conflict: A Framework for Social Research. The Politics of Telling: Beyond Similarity and Difference in the Interview Relationship. Trust, Coercion and Care: Researching Marginalised Groups. Improvisation, Ethical Heuristics and the Dialogical Reality of Ethics in the Field. Consent, Confidentiality and the Ethics of PAR in the Context of Prison Research. Listening to Voices: An Ethics of Entanglement. The Agency of Ethical Objects. Toward a Speculative Ethics. Ethics in Social Research. Studies in Qualitative Methodology. Studies in Qualitative Methodology. Copyright page.

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