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Essays by Distinguished Marketing Scholars of the Society for Marketing Advances Vol: 11

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14 Aug 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
236 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing


This volume presents a collection of papers written by senior marketing scholars based on their presentations upon receiving the "Society for Marketing Advances Distinguished Marketing Scholar Award". Each paper reviews a stream of research in marketing and reflects the wisdom of authors highly cited in the literature - with citations of their work usually spanning several decades.
Advances in applied consumer behavior: a market segmentation programme, (H. Assael); The interplay of cognitions and emotions in building services customers retention, (J-C. Chebat); Technology and the new economy: implications for Higher Education and the marketing discipline, (J.F. Hair Jr., B.J. Babin); Selected issues in modeling consumer brand choice - the extended competitive vulnerability model, (M. Laroche); Observations on some key psychometric properties of paper-and-pencil measures, (R.G. Netemeyer et al.); Marketing is a body of knowledge, (R.A. Peterson et al.); Distinguishing consumers' need for uniqueness from individuation and general need for uniqueness, (K. Tepper Tian, W.O. Bearden); Social structural foundations of publication productivity in the Journal of Consumer Research (1974-1994), (J.C. Ward et al.).

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