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Environmental Risks: Perception, Evaluation and Management Vol: 9

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22 Nov 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
320 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Research in Social Problems and Public Policy
Environmental risks are among the most serious challenges of today's societies. Virtually all environmental risks are anthropogenic. The consequences of past decisions made by individuals, business, and governments have already devastated many of the earth's ecological systems and there is an ongoing discussion about the potential effects of environmental change and whether the earth will still provide a livable environment for future generations. The past decade has seen a dramatic growth in publications that focus on environmental issues. However, this literature has been dominated by the natural sciences and research focuses on obtaining more accurate information about natural and ecological processes, with the tacit assumption that this information will prove useful to improve individual, organizational, and societal decision making. This volume focuses on the psychological, sociological, and cultural aspects of environmental risks that have not been given adequate and integrated attention in the past. Understanding of the psychological, social, cultural, and political forces will determine the successes and failures of environmental risk management. In particular, public policy could be improved by the integration of more accurate assumptions about people's cognitions, attitudes, and emotions towards environmental risks.
Environmental risks - perception, evaluation, and management - introduction G. Bohm et al; Mental representation of global environmental risks, G. Bohm, H.-R. Pfister; Communicating health risks of global climate change, A. Bostrom, B. Fischhoff; Environmental risk in the media - modelling the reactions of the audience, J. Nerb et al; Risk, responsibility, and recreancy, W.R. Freudenburg; Attitudes, decisions and perceptions of risk - a social psychological analysis, J.R. Eiser; Ethical dimensions in risk evaluations, L. Eckensberger et al; "God will send us the fish" - perception and evaluation of an environmental risk in Ha'apai, Tonga, A. Bender; Risk and culture in the Andes, B. Gobel; Environmental risk, public trust and perceived exclusion from risk management, L. Frewer; Value-focused thinking for environmental risk management, R. Gregory et al; Environmental risks - perception, evaluation and management - epilogue, O. Renn.

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